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BlitzWolf BW-FAS2 Electric Massage Gun US$55.99 (~A$73.48) [Was $91.85] @ Banggood


BlitzWolf BW-FAS2 Electric Fascia Massage Guns 20 Gears Deep Muscles Vibration Massager Back Shoulder Pain Relief Device W/ 6pcs Massage Heads Silver + Black

A lot of my patients ask me about these massage guns and I usually just say I don't know much about them. I thought I should get one in order to form an opinion. So I contacted a Banggood rep and managed to get a coupon to reduce the price of the BlitzWolf brand even further to ~$73.48. BlitzWolf seems to be quite popular on OzBargain so hopefully it's a good product as it hasn't been listed here before.

Use coupon Code: BGBWFASS


AU Stock Clearance Sale: seems to have some low stock flash sales.


Blitzwolf brand fest for more BlitzWolf deals from Banggood

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  • Be sure to use a spam email address with Banggood.

    They send out endless marketing emails.

    Unsubscribing is almost impossible.

    • I had the opposite issue, when I was contacting Banggood regarding my 3d printer, the replies were going to my spam email which was very annoying. Are you sure you're not getting confused with Kogan?

      • I’ve had terrible issues with spam emails from both Kogan and Banggood..

        I had to find a number I could call to make the Banggood one stop.

        • +1

          Thats no good. Good advice using a burner email then.

    • +2

      I had no problems unsubscribing… Just searched my email and the last marketing email I've got from Banggood is back in March 2020. Made a few orders in since then too. 99% of the search results was actually an ozbargain alert telling me there's a banggood deal that had been posted

    • +1

      I swear they’re trying to flog sex toys.

      • I think the same thing every time I see one of these

  • +1

    After buying from them i get lots of spam.

    • Did unsubscribing from the mailing list work?

    • I hear ya !

  • -1

    Pew pew! "OWWW, MY BALLS!"

  • -1

    How long is the driver on this unit?

    • He's 6 foot 2

  • Mine just arrived… with an EU plug…

    • And an adaptor? Or no adaptor?

      • There's no adaptor ;(

        • I think you should contact them. Or contact the Banggood rep here on OzBargain

          • @Lizard Spock: Yeah I questioned them about it yesterday. They want me to ship the whole unit back at my expense and they will post the new one…
            No thanks, I'll buy a plug converter for $5 and live with it.

            • @Martyroz: If you used Paypal they will refund you the shipping cost. Did you get a choice to click AU plug when checking out?

              • +1

                @Lizard Spock: There was no option and currently that listing has no option to choose plug.
                I'm still a blitzwolf fan, the unit works great. I had tried the Theragun products before but found them way overkill. I'm very happy with this sub $100 unit.

  • Hey OP, I'm tempted to buy one of these, have you got yours yet? What's it like?

    • No I haven't got mine yet, but the member above seems to be happy with it:
      "the unit works great. I had tried the Theragun products before but found them way overkill. I'm very happy with this sub $100 unit."

      • Thanks, yeah I saw that. Hoping for more opinions, but I realised it's also CN warehouse, was hoping it was AU stock. Oh well. Might but something local.

        My brother bought the rebel house brand one and is happy with it, but it's $150

        • What I think is good about this one is that it doesn't look cumbersome or heavy

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