Best Way of Buying Tesla Model 3?

Pardon my ignorance, do anyone know the best way of buying a model 3? is it just simply order from the tesla website, is the price negotiable @ tesla dealer or people have strike a better deal through car leasing?

Many thanks!


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    just simply order from the tesla website

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    No negotiation. Look into whether your workplace has a partnership to get:
    Complimentary 3-Year Maintenance Plan
    Waived Delivery Fee

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    The Apple/iPhone of cars. With the already low import volumes and high demand and further pressure from COVID, I don’t think you are going to see any discount for a Tesla. You just have to look at the used market to see the people trying to sell their Teslas for more than new.

    I went into the Sydney dealership to enquire about a Model 3 and it wasn’t a dealership, it was more akin to an Apple shop. The people there were not sales people, they were more like the tech experts.

    They were not there to sell anything to me, just to let me know about the cars. If I wanted to order one, they offered to sit down at a computer with me and help me go through the order process. That was about it.

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      So which one did you buy?

      Or did you just buy a cheap chinese MG?

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        I didn't end up buying a Tesla at all.

        And I didn't buy an MG either. Although, the MG does seem to be getting some decent reviews and at their price range, certainly do seem to be a more viable alternative to the Hyundai Kona. They are certainly no Tesla though.

        • My work buddy, who really couldn't give a crap what he drives (his personal vehicle is a Getz and he says it's a great car) gets a hire car every week for work.

          He had a brand new, 100km old MG last week. In our daily conversations he would have mentioned a dozen times that its was the worst car that he has ever driven. I think that says a lot about the brand.

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            I think that says a lot about the brand.

            Nah, not really. It says what that one person's instant opinion was of that particular vehicle. I could counter that and say that my cousin owns one and she is wrapped with it. In her words "best car I've ever owned". I think that says a lot about the brand.

            MG are also one of the fasted growing brands in Australia at the moment. Their YTD figures put them in the top 10 in Australia, surpassing brands like Honda and Suzuki (and Skoda) and almost outselling VW. Someone must like their vehicles?

            I am not for or against MG (unless it's the 20yo++ Pommy made shit boxes) but people shit on brands like these all the time. Same with Honda and Toyota when they first came into the Australian market (Japanese crap)… Or when Kia and Hyundai came to the Australian market (Korean crap). People are scared of what isn't a known quantity. The current meta is just "Chinese crap"… (Ironically SAIC are also/have been in bed with Skoda, VW, Iveco and GM. They all shit brands? What about Volvo? Made by Geely. Not to forget all the other brands that have plants in China.)

            Would I recommend a new MG? Probably not, but I do think they are certainly worth a watch over time. (A used, low km MG EV is going to be great value in a few years.) The same things are being said about Great Wall, LDV, Haval etc… but when you consider what you get for the price you pay, they are much better value than some other brands.

            But yeah, sure, your workmate drove one car and that now equals the whole brand is shit, so, I really cant argue with that logic :)

            • @pegaxs: The lady down the Post Office has an MG after her other car was 'T' -boned & she reckons it is a great little car. So that's another vote for the new MG, the old MG's were great too, when they were going

              • @the Unforgiven: Not that old MG and new MG should ever be part of a comparison…

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                  @spackbace: just like old Land Rover (Leyland/Rover) and new Land Rover (Tata)… oh, no, don’t worry, they are still shitboxes… :D

                  @the Unforgiven: Yep. A woman I work with was so impressed with her daughters new MG that she ended up going with MG as well when her car was due for replacement.

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      to be fair, they did get a price cut/discount in the last few days on model 3's

    • this didnt age well

    • Sounds like that ozbargain guy that paid for a house but actually paid scammers.

      CBF searching for it.

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        It's ok fam, hold my beer… I got this…

        • There's one in every group.

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    The best way to buy a tesla is to use a referral code. That way, both you and the referrer will get free supercharging credits. Also, check if your employer is part of the tesla corporate program since that will waive the 1.3k delivery fee and include a complimentary 3-year maintenance plan.

    • This ^^^

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    I'd wait for the Hyundai offering, their EV platform looks great.

  • Have a look @ Paul Maric’s buying experience on ‘Car Expert’,was not exactly very smooth.This is not uncommon with Tesla.

    • Base price $77,272.72

      Options Performance upgrade ($5636.36), white interior ($1272.73)

      Additional fees Delivery fee ($795.45), registration ($238), CTP ($532), personalised plate transfer fee ($128)
      Stamp duty $4158
      GST $8497.74
      Luxury Car Tax $5384

      Total (on-road) $103,915


      • even removing the options its still a funny price!

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          Cheaper than equivilant BMW, Audi or Merc

    • Poor QC..

      "discovered some paint imperfections they needed to sort out.

      That added another week delay to delivery while the car was taken away to a panel shop for pre-delivery repair."

      I'll be more surprised if someone bought a Tesla that didn't need some panel alignment or repair.

      New Tesla's QC (panel alignment/paint) is much better when the first Model S's came out but far behind Japanese/German quality.

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    Ah its gonna be an interesting world when every car make is fixed price

    • Were you around when Ford was buying back dealerships and trying to do fixed price sales? What an epic failure.

    • And I thought price fixing was illegal. I'm sure my fault for having the wrong idea about what price fixing is.

      • A retailer selling a product for a set price isn't price fixing…

        What is price fixing? Price fixing occurs when competitors agree on pricing rather than competing against each other.

        Do I need to explain further about how different brands offering different products don't count as price fixing?

        I'm sure my fault for having the wrong idea about what price fixing is.

        Ah, apology accepted

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    Thank you all.

  • a slight side point, this guys done a good Cost of Ownership comparison on the Tesla 3 vs Toyota Camry SL Hybrid, scroll down to find new numbers for updated prices for the Model 3.

  • Comparing a Tesla to a MG is insane.
    Teslas have basically zero ongoing costs apart from a air filter once a year and tyres.
    The free over the air updates on Tesla are a must have.
    I have driven a model 3 and its like a spaceship compared to anything else on the market.
    The only issue at the moment is build quality take a experienced detailer along with you on the pickup
    they will be able to identify any paint defects that need to get fixed.

    • Comparing with MG EV perhaps? $30k buys a lot of servicing anyway.

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