Wireless Gaming RGB Mouse and Mech Keyboard

Looking to replace my motospeed mechanical keyboard as the W keeps dropping out and I can't figure out if it's a server issue (only play COD).

Anyway looking to keep the mechanical side of things and see what people recommend for wireless gaming mechanical keyboards and mouse (don't have to be a combo). Naturally I'm a OZBner so not looking to spend on the likes of Logitech and Razer so Chinese brands are welcome.


  • Wireless mechanical on the cheap that is good quality might be a bit of a struggle. Probably looking at motospeed again, redragon or velocifire - Keychron at a good price would go good

    as for mouse - I'd just grab a G305 from somewhere cheap or maybe try a Machenike M8 from aliexpress

    • The m8 looks okay thanks

      • I bought the M610 wired version just to try out lightweight mice before I buy a Glorious Model O wireless and the build quality and stuff is pretty good. The M8 seems to get some pretty good reviews on reddit. Software isnt great and you have to hunt around to find it - but does the job

    • Agree with Keychron. If you're genuinely looking to explore different mech keyboard options then a hot-swappable Keychron is the way to go as it will allow you to easily explore different switch options in the future. They can also connect via either Bluetooth or cable if you're worried about input lag. The K6 is my go-to recommendation, but if you definitely need a separate function row and/or numpad then look at the K2 or K4. If you really shop around you can find a hot-swappable K6 for about $100, e.g. I just purchased this K6 from eBay as a gift for $109 with the recent $30 Shopback promo, although the non-aluminium version is $10 cheaper. Keychron boards are pretty widely available (Mwave, AliExpress), but not all vendors have all versions of the products.

      Whichever keyboard you end up getting, if you think mech keyboards are something you'd like to explore more in future I would definitely recommend getting one that has hot-swap capability as it means you can drastically change (and upgrade) the feel/sound of your keyboard by only having to purchase new switches instead of buying an entire new keyboard. I would also personally recommend brown switches to start, but you can search YouTube for shorts videos that show you the difference between each type and pick which one appeals to you most.