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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G (4GB / 64GB) $299.95 + $9.95 Delivery @ Mi Store


Here's a few deals on this phone

Feel like wanna share to the Oz community

$299 +Delivery Mi Australia Store

[email protected] Banggood

[email protected]Ebay plus using PLUSFL10

$289.95 @ Catch Club using the upcoming Latitude Pay discount $50 off $150

$299.95 @ Catch Without Club or Kogan

I wish i bought this phone in the past LOWEST PRICE I THINK eBay tuesday deal for $299

But it is a good phone, seems from the specs.

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  • wish they did an android one version

  • save for the 5G, recent Vivo X50 Lite for $215 sounds like a better phone, no?

    8gb ram vs 4gb here
    AMOLED vs whatever this phone has passing for display
    Snapdragon processor vs MediaTek here

    • i am primarily considering this because of 5g dimensity 800u is a really good chipset.

      i may buy from banggood soon and combine with the shopback cashback offer of 5%

    • These are definitely the two phones I'm trying to decide between.
      Basically comes down to 5G compatible vs save $80.

      • what are the benefits of 5g again?

        everyone says 5g 5g but it's not even available where I live so what the hell

        cool things that are hard to find are automatically uncool

        • Agreed about the 5g, but its a steal from the price with Banggood and Cashrewards which i did personally to save a buck and its a good bit quicker than the Snapdragon on the Vivo, about 80% faster in antutu, both are good deals imo, depends on if you care about the display.

  • Same price as the Poco X3 pro???

  • This thing better not come with any ads

    • LOL cheap Xiaomi phones???

      Ads are expected

      • Ye, but you can just turn them off. I used one for a few months, switched off ads. UI was great and was getting regular security patches for a cheapo phone.

  • How is this different/better from the "regular" 9, if that exists?

    Man, these Chinese companies really like to intentionally confound The Average Consumer about what they're actually buying, don't they?

  • Really recommending saving a buck and going for Banggood, i ordered the Redmi Note 9T for about 266 aud 5 days ago, i contacted them because of the price difference as it has dropped today to $248 aud and they've refunded the difference of $16. Had pretty solid experience in terms of customer service. A lot quicker than aliexpress claim, one of the better Chinese resellers IMO. The Dimensity 800u is a pretty good chip quite a lot faster than the lower end snapdragons and about even with the 732g.

    • Yup I just bought one for 192 USD from Banggood. Took a gamble of placing order outside of Australia, Gonna take ages to come, but will come if not of course paypal Guarantee will cover it.

      And got a chance to use up my Paypal USD balance too.

      Saved another 5% via shopback AU, so 192 USD becomes 182.1 USD ~ 235 Australian Dollar roughly.

      Which is a bargain honestly.

      Would have bought from Kogan or Catch otherwise if was only buying from Australian Websites.

  • banggood price no longer 248 aud

    that stock gone