Dodo Energy - Getting a Better Deal?

Hi all,

Recently moved to Dodo Energy from AGL. Moved due to Dodo prices being cheaper and AGL taking more money than they should've from my account (but it was sorted in the end).

I also got solar installed and with the meter being reconfigured, the Dodo rates have changed. Higher supply charge by 3c and usage is higher for peak + off peak. I get 12c per kwh for feed in as well.

Did a comparison to Energy Australia + AGL and they are cheaper for all charges but provide a 10.2c feed in.

I am a high usage household, also WFH full time and with winter here it is going to be a bit.

Has anyone got a better deal with Dodo before and how did you go about doing it?

Or should I just move to AGL or Energy Australia?


Poll Options

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    Call Dodo and try to get a better deal
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    Stay with Dodo
  • 1
    Move back to AGL
  • 4
    Move to Energy Australia

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  • Just put your details into and see the results.

    For me 1st energy comes out best with their high FiT because we are a low usage household. If we were high usage; Tango Energy comes out best.

  • I tried Dodo for a while, but there was too much congestion and all my appliances ran too slow…

  • Long time Dodo energy customer, once a year or so I do the "match this deal or I'll leave call" aka:

    • do some basic research on your relavant govt energy compare site, there will always be a few providers cheaper than Dodo.

    • do the maths on how much you will save if you switch, get a specific $/year figure.

    • call Dodo and ask to match else leave, politely.

    • Usually, get transferred to a senior member who will check what you claim on the other providers site while you are on the phone (hence, don't bluff please), and eventually will credit your $ claim as a bill credit.

    Be nice, be polite, talk about the Philippines a bit i.e be human, and you may get what you need without switching.