Best Budget PC Speakers?

Can't decide between these three, any other recommendations?

I don't have much desk space so want it to be relatively small, use it for games, the pebble plus has 2.1, not sure how important it is for gaming. The edifier one is labled as gaming speaker, while the Pebble V3 is the latest one just recenlty came out.

Any comments would help, thanks.

Creative Pebble V3 $60

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 $68

Edifier g2000 $78


  • Go for 2.1 setup. Subwoofer does make heaps difference. I have the old Creative Inspire 2.1 and still using it.

    • I replaced my Creative 2.1 with the Edifier bookshelf speakers recently. They are ridiculously better than the 2.1 Creative setup in terms of sound quality and take up less room (if you consider the sub).

  • consider headset for gaming ? unless you play long hours and not comfortable wearing it

  • At those mini transducer sizes (sub-3inch), the 2.1 option is really your only choice for decent sound.

    Edit: I just checked the specs. The Plus 2.1 is severely under-powered (8W RMS total output for 2.1 system). I cannot imagine it will sound even half decent. The G2000 has double the power (16W RMS) and I recommend this instead.

    • Not how speakers work. The Pebble Plus 2.1 hit's 90dB at ~30 cm and sounds good. The Edifier G2000 sounds like it has a soft cone, with a an optimistic f6.

      But more power?

      Those 2" tweeters on the Pebble would have a consistent 80+ dB/W sensitivity across a wide frequency and the woofer ~75's dB/W as they are operating in their designed. Two watts would output ~84dB at one metre, or a little over 90dB at 30cm with two speakers. The woofer, with 4W, would out put similar volume.

      Those edifiers look full ranges. Their peak sensitivity might be higher, but only at say 1000Hz. Volume at other frequencies will be significantly lower. The sound confirms it. The cone has a silly amount of flex creating that horrible muted sound. They might be slightly louder at 1000Hz, but they sound significantly worse and over all quieter for it.

      Power is also a tricky spot. What is a two watt amplifier? Will it consume, out put, or amplify by two watts? Is it RMS, or at a specific frequency? It looks like Edifier gave the rating of the drivers, not the amplifier, and Creative gave the honest name plate rating. If Edifier used a 16W 2.0 channel amp they would be louder as they would have 4x the power. But listening to reviews, they didn't (10W is loud on good tweeters)

      • Honestly at those prices (and sizes), both will sound ok at best. I can't tell their actual sound quality from the YouTube videos. Just because the Pebble goes loud does not mean it sounds good (likely a lot of distortion there).

        Personally, I'd still go with the G2000 purely because of the extra power it has on reserve. There is only so much power the Pebble can draw from a 5V 0.5A USB port.

        • Yes, good is relative. Their flaws are strong and would be picked up on most modern camera phones. But OP wants to buy one of them. We are wasting our time if we want to confuse OP by comparing them to excellent speakers.

          Specs state 2A, 10W charger. The G2000 has a 1A, 12W charger. But the G2000 has extra features like bluetooth and LED's which add load, reducing power available for speakers closer to 8W.

          This is a good 2.5" 7W speaker. It will hit lower than either as it has a taller rubber surround (and longer Xmax), but even it is limited 105Hz. It will also sound properly good as it doesn't have a silly metal weight on it fighting the cone like the G2000. You need a woofer for music at these sizes.

          This is a rubbish 20W speaker that is built similar to the G2000. Notice the smaller rubber surround? It has an Xmax half of the smaller driver above, meaning it's true F3 will be around 150Hz, not the 100Hz advertised. It also has an upper cut off frequency of 5000Hz. The Edifiers are also 2.75" drivers, not 4", so I would expect them to be significantly worse on paper.

          This is very similar to the Pebble's drivers. It's rated for the sensitivity needed to hit the 94dB showing in the above video and it's dynamic range matches what I heard from it. It's rated for 10W. The pebble would be a 10W+10W+15W system if they used speaker ratings like Edifier appear to.

          We could probably find closer matches on Alibaba, but unlike parts express I would have to buy them and test them. It would be quicker and easier to buy and test these speakers which I am not doing.

  • Thanks for the comments, I went for the pebble plus 2.1 for the minimalist factor and 2.1,

    Headphones are uncomfortbale for me and I need to to able to hear around.

  • Logitech Z623 2.1 speakers