Any Suggestions for a good Printer + Scanner ?

Hi Guys,
I am planning to buy a good Printer + Scanner for home office. Could you please suggest some good options and any related good deals ?

Details :

  • Brand - Open to any but have HP, Brother, Canon in mind
  • Budget - 100-150$ (Excluding ink cartridge's)
  • Purpose - Basic home office printing (Maybe 30 pages / month)
  • Connectivity - Wifi and Mobile printing option



    Inkjets are generally awful and not cost efficient but this does fine and even has half-decent wifi connectivity, got it from the $19 deal.

    Use it mostly for scanning and occasional printing returns labels. Still on the included starter ink set after 20-30 pages. So maybe consider a cheap and cheerful unit if it's very light use.

    • Thanks for your inputs. I am looking for a little more advanced one, Something similar to the Brother one suggested below

  • CAnt go wrong with the Brother MFC-L2750DW Laserjet.

    Doesnt have expensive tiny ink catridges - toners are so much cheaper - works fine with third party toner.

    I have one in the home office and another in the office and both have been rock solid since we got them 3 years ago.

    • Thanks. I have also heard good review for Brother. Was at OW Auburn last weekend but could not find any there

  • Do people actually use scanners anymore or just their phone cameras?

    • I use scanners all the time.

      A phone camera is just not good enough to get proper lighting and proper page positioning. Its ok to scan adhoc bills; but when you have multiple page documents, a proper flatbed with page feed is far far better.

    • Use Office Lens, Now called Microsoft Lens for phone. Excellent, will straighten, set up as PDF, Word etc available for Android on Play Store.

    • Phones are good when we are scanning maybe max5 pages but for bulk scan, scanners are always good.

    • Do people actually use scanners anymore or just their phone cameras?


  • I normally use an app on iPhone for scanning. IT straighten the paper

    For the printer, look for Brother with DW suffix. It's duplex printing + wireless.
    Brother printer is a good value because you can easily reset the page count and the printer. So that we can use refill and generic cartridge replacement.

    IF you want with a scanner, look for an MF from Brother, I remember they are easy to be reset as well.

    • I normally use an app on iPhone for scanning.

      Doesn't work anywhere near as well as a good scanner.

  • There are a lot of fairly good cheap inkjet printers on the market that you could look at, yet I would be staying away from Lazers as they are a very expensive option. The first printer that comes to mind is something like the Canon TS6360 which also has all of the features you are after and you are able to fit an Inklink onto. An InkLink is essentially a reservoir that sits on the outside of the printer that has special tubes feeding to cartridges in the printer. This reservoir basically acts as a giant cartridge coming prefilled with 100ml of ink per colour which is the equivalent to 80 genuine cartridges valued at $1366.00, saving you over $1180.00.

    If you are more technically minded looking at the Epson XP 4105 is a great choice as the printer is incredibly cheap but is great quality. This printer is going to have all of the features you are after at an affordable price. Again an Inklink can be placed on this printer however the system is a little different in that it requires a piece of third-party modified firmware to be installed into the printer via USB on a Windows Computer.

    Do some googling of the Inklink and printers suggested and if you have some questions let me know

  • Brother multi function laser printers. After always using inkjets I bought the Brother Mono Laser MFC Printer HL-L2395DW around 2 years ago, never going back. Costs more upfront but you save on not needing ink and the printer just working properly.