Instant Pot Duo 8L Pressure Cooker $179 (in-Store Only) @ BIG W


The Duo is 7 appliances in 1: pressure cooker, sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, and yogurt maker.

Product Inclusions
· Cooker Base
· Cooker Lid
· Stainless Steel Inner Cooking Pot
· Silicone Sealing Ring
· Condensation Collector
· Steam Rack with Handles
· Detachable Australian compliant Electrical Power Cord

RRP is approx $269. Get your hands on some 5% wish gift card and you could bring it down further or match price with Myer and do the same.

Also available on Amazon AU for $179+free delivery

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  • I have this IP. It's awesome (previously owned a cheapo "Healthy Choice" pressure cooker - which was fine). What made it stand out was a) the large 8L pot size. We are a family of 4 and won't fill this, and b) the saute function which I couldn't do in my previous pressure cooker - it really makes a difference because I don't have to swap between stove and pressure cooker. I use this for allsorts, making your own chicken stock is a huge bonus as we use a lot of the stuff and its a set and forget process on a pressure cooker. It says it does do yoghurt and I tried once but it was a disaster - ymmv.

  • Considering this but.. Is it worth holding out for a deal on the Duo Nova instead?

      • Each model has a different display style
      • The Duo Nova auto-seals and the Duo is a manual seal
      • 2 sealing rings are included with the Duo Nova
      • a 10-quart option is available in the Duo Nova

      We have the Duo Nova,
      IMHO it's definitely worth it for the Auto-Seal and the improved Display

    • I'm also waiting for the Nova model, I like the pressure release button which reduces the risk of being burnt by steam.

  • The Nova hasn't been seen since December?

  • Myer has the 5.7 litre for $159 now.