Should I Sell PS4 Pro to Buy Oculus Quest 2

Last week I and my son (year 7) went to the Virtual Room in Sydney CBD ( for VR game which was given to play for an hour, and the experience was really good and beyond my expectation.

At first I thought that I might get dizzy wearing the VR headset for long but I was wrong, it was comfy and the interaction of the game & graphics were fantastic, and the hand held controllers were really intuitive too.

Got back home still thinking that if we have a similar device and play at home and we found Occulous 2 costing at $479.

I have PS4 Pro that I bought for my son last year which was hardly used. and have an extra controller, a couple of games on discs (spider-man and Gran Turismo Sport) and a few digital games, but my son doesn't seem interested in PS4 and instead he is playing PC games, like Roblox and Minecraft.

So I've talked to him if we can sell PS4 Pro and buy Occulous 2 instead, and he said it's ok.. Actually it was me who wanted to 'sell' PS4 that is just sitting on Tv cabinet, and I thought with that money we can buy Occulous 2 for similar experience we've had in the CBD.

So what do you think guys?

How much I could fetch if I sell PS4 pro.
and is Occulous 2 good and worth getting one?


  • Ps4 pro has ok resale due to ps5 shortage so i guess if you're not using it, sell it. It definitely won't appreciate.

    Oculus quest 2 can be a little lacking since its dependant on the head set itself. For the money it is great. But compared to pc powered solutions there is definitely higher fidelity options.

    If your budget is $500 only, you won't get better than quest 2.

    • Keep in mind that plugging a Quest 2 in to your PC is also a pretty good experience, not as good as the Index but it felt just as good as using my original Rift on the PC only with less hassle due to needing only a USB cable and no sensors.

      • Op didn't say anything about having a rig to support..or a very good wifi network for VD….

        IMO once you go tehterless its real hard to go back

  • Can confirm Quest 2 is a good deal, especially for less than $500.

  • If you don't play ps4, why would you play Oculus? It would likely also end up wasting space as the library is even more limited than ps4.

  • I have a decent PC RTX2070 Super and I was about to get the Oculus Quest 2 and PC power it.
    Should I consider others at that price point?

    • The other alternatives cost twice as much though, and when the Quest 2 only costs $434.19 from Amazon USA it's really, really hard to recommend a HTC Vive Cosmos for $1299 or a HP Reverb G2 at $899.

      There's no other 'good' headsets that cost only $450.

      There's also the Oculus Rift S, but Facebook has discontinued it and they've stopped giving it software or feature updates. All their focus is on the Quest 2 at the moment.

  • Pornhub VR

  • I could sell my ps4 Pro last week in SA for $300 without games. Just be prepared for people to haggle a lot.

    VR is quite good for casual gaming (play a bit after working) , some games are good workouts. Beat Saber, creed (boxing), etc

    I would say go for it, there are many PG games perfect for your son (moss) and good exclusives lone echo, asgards wrath. It's not just Indies anymore.