How to Start a Career in Real Estate without Experience ??

Guys. I am going with some stressed time as since this Covid started last year i lost my hours at work and even worse when i had no work for 4 months. At that time i chosen to start a Real Estate course in Adelaide as i always seeing this a career even though its very challenging and time consuming.

Recently I finished my course of sales representative and about to finished my PMR course too. I did tried to approach some good real estate agencies for work but seems they need some experienced people not just a fresher . Now if u guys please help me and suggest me what is the best way to start a career now with have no experience at all?

Any one who was in similar situation in Real estate industry and now a successful Realtor can guide me please?

Appreciate your valuable suggestion to make someone career.



  • You gotta possess good soft skill of bluffing. Bluff harder at your next interview.

  • Learn to speak English.

  • See if there's any places that pay commissions instead of a salary. They why would they want a noob ruining potential sales all the same…

    • Commission based jobs are limited only.

      • Illegal for an employer to hire an employee on commission only if they can't prove they have recently earned more than the award minimum over a year. Read the Real Estate Industry Award for more info.

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    Lower your morals and ethics?

  • RE firms need new listings and people who close sales. (and a rent roll for sustainability, but this is not your concern)
    Do you know anybody who may be thinking of selling? If yes, call around local agents and say you have your qualifications and a listing ready to go, will they give you a start?
    Expect to be paid commission only for this sale (make sure you agree at the beginning the rate), and if you want more work, share your plan to find more listings, and more buyers.
    When you have made regular sales, and shown your ability to bring in listings, asking for a salary as well as commission is reasonable.
    If it were me, I would be super extra and door knock for listings, and get appointment setters calling through the phone book to source listings. I'd keep a database of every address I door knocked or called, and cross check it against other agents in the areas listings (other listings might need to buy!) so you have high quality info on every house in your patch.
    Yeah, I have considered this as a career, and I grew up with an old school REA for a grandfather.

    If you are uncomfortable with the work needed for the above, you might struggle. That said, there is a huge diversity of successful agents, and if you have a cultural or other link to buyers/sellers you might have a unique avenue to success.

    • I have guts and attention to detail. I will follow what u said. Thank you

      • Hey mate, I would recommend this one too.

        My dad was selling his house a couple of years ago when I was still there and there were real estate agents constantly pestering us, asking us if we want to use them to sell the house. Some of the real estate companies were obviously very new and the brochures they gave didn't look professional/good at all. But this might be the best bet you have when you're just starting out. You probably might have to sacrifice some salary and even a base pay (my parents have gone through 2 real estate agents who was only paid commission - no fee if they didn't sell. In both cases they didn't end up selling the house and weren't paid anything for their time) and just accept commission when starting out.

        All the best.

  • How's your customer service and how do you come across?

    Ideally they'd seek sales experience at a minimum. What field were you in?

    How long can you support yourself financially? It's highly likely you won't get paid until your first house sale settles. Ideally you'd have 6-12 months savings in the bank before trying to start your career

    • Yes i am in retail and have a good CS. have sales experienced too.

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        I see that you have only replied to spackbace's comment.

        You may want to start by replying to all the comments - you may grown some thick skin like the Store Reps we see in OzB…

  • Be failed used car salesman first.

    • Even trying those Jobs but no luck. But definitely look some

      • Can I suggest that the car/house sales field might not be for you? If you can't get your foot in the door in car sales, an industry which currently struggles to get staff, that something about you might not be the right fit for car or house sales…

        Can I ask what ethnicity you are? This could actually help or hinder you, as both the industries are still pretty non-PC

  • This just listed on Jora for Century 21
    Real Estate Sales Traineeship
    It helps if you like wearing a Gold Jacket…

  • The main ways I've heard people get in is either with previous experience with sales, or they get in through an internship/traineeship of some kind. Usually one where you do a lot of the work, get paid quite little and the person you're interning for gets the main $$$. But after a while they'll start getting some trust in you'll start being commission only, and then go from there.

  • Learn to be the scum of the earth first. Then you can begin your real estate career.

  • I did tried to approach some good real estate agencies for work but seems they need some experienced people not just a fresher

    Well then try approaching some not so good agents.

    Good agents don't want to spend the time dealing with green newbies.

  • I thought most real estate salespeople started their career as a shit kicker or property management at a real estate agency?

  • Do you drive a BMW?

  • Look at real estate agencies that cater specific demographics where you may have an advantage.

    As noted above, you may need to start in a different role in the office than sales. Expect to start at the bottom on a low wage. Look for roles assisting sales agents. With no RE sales experience, you can't be hired as commission only employee. So there isn't much incentive for a RE agent to hire someone with no experience - unless you are offering something different to other applicants.

    I'd rather lose a limb then work commission in real estate though each to their own. Good luck.