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Free Bottle of Forty Spotted Citrus Gin 700ml (Valued at $95.99) on Your First Order with $100 Minimum Spend @ BoozeBud


Score a FREE $95.99 bottle of Forty Spotted Citrus Gin on your 1st order. Minimum spend $100.

Selected brand and product exclusions may apply.

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Referee gets $20 off their first order (Min Spend $100). Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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    • I was just thinking of that deal, first it's 50% off and then it's free with purchase. I know people were saying it's because they are selling off old stock but still, seems funny.

    • Yeah probably not.
      Best deals were that $48 one at Boozebud and $39 at Costco a while back, but usually around $60-70.

      IMHO, a pretty good gin (especially for G&T) probably worth around $55-60 if comparing to other gins in the market.

  • Tried to order Johnnie Walker but this code didn't work

  • how many vouchers can you applied
    can we still apply the 10%off and free shipping with this one?

    • +1

      t & C's state "Only one promotion code can be used per order."

  • Not sure about this one.
    Tried with $100+ of whiskey but didn't work.
    Then tried the same with wine, beer, ciders and gin…

    Also can't see this offer in the promos section. Nevermind, I found it. It just links to the standard T's & C's:

    Only one promotion code can be used per order.
    Selected brand and product exclusions may apply.

  • +1

    Has anyone found something this works with? I'm just trying random cartons of beer and no luck.

    • Cougar and cola, and Frangelico, ordered

      Thanks poster, worked and ordered

  • I tried to order some beer and a bottle of wine under the spend and save promo but it wouldn’t let me add the code

  • Seems to work on 3x bottles of campari.

    • Didnt work for me either

      • "Score a FREE $95.99 bottle of Forty Spotted Citrus Gin on your 1st order"

        Open a new account and try again.

  • Clearly an inflated RRP, but alongside a $79 bottle of Beluga Noble Celebration Vodka and $29 bottle of Frangelico, I'm happy to accept their generous offer.

    Thanks OP!

    • Tried that combo and it didnt accept code.
      Looks like it might be for people that havent ever placed an order with BB previously

      • True. I had to use a new email address.

  • +2

    Might be worth adding to OP that you have to add the gin to your cart for the code to work.

    • +1

      Yup this I learnt the slow way.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618067

    Can we combine this cashback increase from Shopback with this offer?

  • +1


    I ordered this morning and got the cash back confirmed soon after

    Bombay Sapphire
    Makers 46
    Spotted Gin

    120 with express delivery - 30 cashback

    Very good deal 😊

  • -1

    Spended half a hour with no lack to get working code, for all the times :"Promotion code is not valid"!
    Why should I waste time, why not to marks which items is valid?
    Do you enjoy when your customers wasted time with it?