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[PC] Steam - Humble New Couch Classics Bundle (incl. Door Kickers Action Squad etc.) - $1.31/$10.33 (BTA)/$13.15 - Humble Bundle


Another decent bundle from Humble Bundle.
Three tiers as usual.

Tier 1: $1.31:

  • Door Kickers: Action Squad

Tier 2: $10.33 (BTA):

- Nine Parchment (also DRM-free)
- Ultimate Chicken Horse

Tier 3: $13.15:

  • biped
  • Wargroove
  • Lethal League Blaze


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    Decent for wargroove, 20xx, maybe nine parchments.

    All games that fell just short of being great. Although 20xx rates highly it's a bit of a standard twitch game with some jarring design decisions imho.

    Easily worth it at this price.


    Can't comment on the others but Ultimate Chicken Horse doesn't fall just short of greatness.

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      I have no idea if that means you loved it or hated it.


    If anyone has a spare 20XX and biped key, pm me. I've got plenty of games to trade