expired PlayStation 3 160GB Console Only for $276 at Harvey Norman Online


hey guys, iv been looking around for a cheap ps3 console to play bf3 with my mates with and was about to buy the target one for 299$ but found this at harvey norman for 276$, iv purcahsed mine online and will pick it up when they have them in stock in caringbah (they advised they ordered a few already and should come in any day now zzzzz)

Harvey Norman

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    zzzzz.. just a caution guys, i just got an update on my order and got the following message:

    "We're experiencing a delay with your order. We estimate that your item(s) listed below will be ready in approximately 14 days, at which point we'll contact you."

    CRAP!!!! =(

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      dont worry, all HN has the same price long time ago..

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    Its been this price at HN for a while.



    Not bad for a 160gb

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    For future reference, the contraction of "I have" is "I've", not "iv".

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    old as the hills mate

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    zzz.. I've posted like 3 times, this is standard tag price in any HN store across the country since December…


    It looks like $294 online to me?


      Yeah says $294 for me as well.


    The HN Wiimote deal a few weeks ago - I'm yet to recieve mine and that had a '3 day delay'. So you might want to be very careful unless you can pick it up.


    well, iv been looking to buy for the past 5 or so days, iv searched online, iv search on ozbargain and iv searched in parra westfields, and the cheapest i could get was target's 299$ price tag, any offers a few weeks ago is no good to me now so for me 276$ is a bargain.

    problem now is that they have told me it may take up to 14 days!! terrible hahaha.

    oh, they have jacked it up to 294$.. im not sure if im lucky or not to have paid the 276$ hahah since now i may have to wait 14 days!!


    Got one last week in store at JB for this price. Simply quoted that HN were doing them for the same price and they matched, no hassle and no waiting.


    Appears to be $325 on HN website at the moment

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