Best (Cheapest) Way to Buy Apple Products?

What is the best (cheapest) way to buy Apple gear

The best deal I can find is -

eBay shops that don't price jack on a deal ( lucky to get 10% off )
eBay gift card from Shopback (currently 4%) >>> buying with a credit card that offers a 2% rebate
use Cashback/Shopback 1% rebate

Anyone know how I can push for further saving?

I know you can get $50 off with some buy now pay later services


  • Gumtree. Cheap and it will give us all a follow up post to read in due course.

  • 10% JB Hifi Gift cards from classifieds. Then wait for JB promo. I bought my M1 Macbook Pro for $1550 back in January.

    • Agree!!

      Stuff you buy second hand you can't tell if it's been repaired with dodge parts.

  • Yeah, as the other guy said, Gumtree is probably the best place to get the best prices, both unused and used Apple products. I got a pair of sealed AirPods for under $150 on Gumtree.


      Don't brag about that on here, most are jealous of bargains off gumtree lol, have boasted of my purchases and always get flamed or questioned re stolen or will get phone blocked re insurance scam lol.
      Have bought 50 plus iPhones/ipads and never had one problem, always cash face to face after checking serial no's and iCloud lock.
      Last one 2 months ago using it now a 12 pro max 256gb sealed new for $1500.

    • You can pick up many brands cheap on Gumtree, just dont ask for original receipts, or who's credit card was used to buy it.

      In the old days you just went to the corner pub

  • Apple online refurb store.

    Apple education store.

    Officeworks price beat?

  • Back of truck?

  • So for my M1 Macbook Pro 512gb ssd.

    I used the JB 10% off
    The 15% off Him/Her cards
    The $500 Telstra gift card from the Telstra/Jb $59 plan.

    Totalled to $1618 from $2299.

    That was my thrifty way to get a cheap Apple product.