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Fortis 26" Foldable Mountain Bike $189.99 + Free Shipping Code @Kogan


Probably won't blow your mind but it is what it is for its price. Post it here for someone who might want it.

Make your daily commute or weekend mountain hike a breeze with the Fortis 26” Foldable Mountain Bike, perfect for maneuvering through any terrain.
Shimano 21-speed MICROSHIFT shifters with alloy bar ends
Rebound adjustable with full aluminium alloy front suspension with lockout
High-powered braking performance with front and rear disc brakes and suspension
Ultra-durable double wall alloy wheels
Premium foldable steel frame and pedals
Adjustable seat height with a quick unlock and relock design


Tyres 26” x 2.125, 53.5mm Width
Weight 19.5kg

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    Foldable Mountain Bike $189.99

    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run… ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

  • I'd be worried that the bike would fold up on me if I hit a bump lol

  • Credit given to Kogan for telling us the weight (many shops don't), but it is a lot: 19.5kg.
    You really don't want to be lugging that up a mountain climb. And it will need some strength to lift into the car boot.
    But for a cheap commuter on the flat, just add some slick tyres I guess.

    Consider their 20" folder at 14.5kg. Currently same price as the above MTB, plus a few bucks for "First" or free trial. Has been much cheaper.

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      i'm riding an e-bike with 20" wheels and the ride quality is pretty uncomfortable. feel every gap in the footpath. and it has some half-arsed shocks too on the front fork which don't seem to do much.

      • The shocks are usually a waste of time - they are for big bumps like rocks and logs.

        The road uneveness is taken care of by the pneumatic tyres. Perhaps your are over-inflated?
        But it is also the geometry - you are going to feel the bumps more in a "sit up and beg position".

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          min 45psi on my tyres. manufacturer recommends 50psi so that's what i go with. i have to stand up on the pedals for some bumps….bloody spine-jarring otherwise(!)

          • @tdw: Ok, tyres sound good. Wheel size and wheel-base does make a difference, but from my experience, the frame geometry and rider position matters more.
            If your are sitting up straight, you feel a lot more than in a "proper" racing bike or MTB posture.

  • Bike seems small. Would it suit someone 183cm?

  • Why don't they put mudguards on bikes anymore? Do people enjoy the dirty wet stripe up their back?

    • Vanity and Aussie weather. Bikes look more bad a$$ without them and notwithstanding the deluge two weeks ago, Australia is pretty dry vs say, the UK. I use a clip on Ass Saver mudguard when weather looks iffy or if there have been rains

    • Cause then they can sell you mudguards as an accessory

    • or worse, they include tiny ones that effectively do SFA

  • This is a death trap if used as an actual mountain bike

  • Shimano 21-speed MICROSHIFT shifters with alloy bar ends

    is it shimano or microshift? 2 different brands. i advise you to look elsewhere

    • Its probably mix-and-match.

      Microshift being the cheapy types probably make compatible parts for Shimano/SRAM just to get a leg in the door.

      But yeah, the low end Microshift stuff combined with a 3X front derailleur? Ew no.

    • Common cut & paste error. I'd go with the photos. Shimano rapidfire shifters, not grip-shift.