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Free Access to DataCamp until April 30


Received via email from DataCamp

FREE unlimited access
through April 30!
Anyone anywhere can enjoy everything Datacamp has to offer—unlimited courses, projects, assessments, and more.

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  • Do you have any advice on how best to make use of this offer for someone who has never heard of DataCamp before? There is only one week left in April…

    • I think the idea is to get you started/hooked on their product then the access expires and you have to pay :)

      That being said, I would gladly pay full price for their product if I actually had the time right now to use it. They have great courses on Python, Scala, SQL etc. You just pick a Skill/Career path and it will recommend the courses to undertake.

    • Play around with their features, try some courses you're interested in and find out if the curriculum suits your need. Try their projects if possible too, they are the most interesting parts to me. If you work in a field that need these skills, there might be specialized tracks/courses in your field (e.g. economic, science)

      If you like DataCamp, after this deal you can have 2 month trial for free via Visual Studio subscription (just need an Outlook account)

      • I couldn't get this, is it still working ? Only available options in "Professional Development" are,

        Syncfusion Succinctly Series
        MSLogo30 Days to Learn It - Certification exam offer
        Pluralsight Free for 1 month
        CODE Magazine 1 year digital subscription
        LinkedIn Learning 1 month Premium sub

        • Sorry mate, just checked my account and it seems they stopped offering DataCamp trial for free. Official link mentioned only commercial subscriptions.

  • I gave their Python tutorial a test drive, so far horrible UX

    Questions are too vague for beginners, definitely created by developers not teachers…

    • The UX is not bad imo, the ready setup is good for learning from mobile device. I sometimes find it inflexible to detect right answers and not useful to recommend a fix for wrong code.

  • I find DataCamp a comprehensive platform for learning data science but not very friendly for newbies. They usually compress too much knowledge in one course, which make DataCamp rich in content but also hard to digest. If you take time to learn, practice and apply to projects, it will be more efficient, but with one week you can't do much. At least play around and find out if it suits your need, but for newbies in R/Python I think there are plenty of friendly materials for free. I myself spare DataCamp for more advanced skills, especially in a certain field like economic or science.
    I really like their projects, which give a sense of the workflow of skill manipulation. People usually focus on courses (for certification, or making the most out of their subscription) but I highly recommend applying new skills to projects once you have got the prerequisite courses done.

  • what is the best track to complete in 5 days ?