Rogaine/Minoxidil - Liquid Vs Foam - Finasteride - Hair Loss

Hey all,

How's things?

I'm considering using this, tho I understand applying once or twice daily is a real pain in the ass long term.

I bought liquid by mistake, and essentially only want to use it on my front hairline.

Anyone had results on the front hairline? I already own a Dr Pen, so will probably use that as apparently results are more pronounced.

In the past I've used Finasteride, I began with 1/2 a tablet EOD which just gave me awful side effects. I stuck with it, eventually went to half a tablet everyday and I felt better and figured I'd go to a full tablet and I felt ok.

Side effects:
4kg weight gain in 2 weeks
Dry skin
Libido issues including less volume.

Once I began taking it everyday, everything normalised for the most part.

My skin it still combo these days, I lost a little of the weight and my libido has for the most part recovered tho I still feel my volume is down.

Just being open and honest, however I'm thinking of just jumping back on it again at the full 1mg tablet. I stopped because after 12 months, I didn't notice any less hairloss etc

I do have alot of hair still, but if it keeps receding ill be up shit creek. I'm in my late 30s, and noticed around 34 I started losing hair in the shower which only seemed to happen once a year in the past.

No doubt, taking Finasteride is easy. However using Minoxidil seems like a pain.

Yes, I've thought of FUE…however I believe they still recommend Finasteride.

If I'm able to buy 3-5 years I'd be happy. I don't have children either, so I understand if I choose too if have to drop Finasteride.

Sorry for the lengthy post.


P.S. Read all previous posts on here regarding hair loss, I guess I'm trying to convince myself.


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    All those side effects for the sake of having hair? In my view, that is not worth it.

  • Have you tried going back to showering once a year?
    [jokes - sorry I couldn't be more useful]

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    Get a zero cut, save time and money in the long run.

  • Benefit in using finasteride either at 0.5mg or 1mg. More effective at higher doses but more SEs.

    Problem with rogaine (Minoxidil) is you must keep using it forever, benefits are gone when you stop using it. Consider using Oral minoxidil (Either compounded or get the 10mg and split in quarter).
    In terms of foam vs liquid; both same in effectiveness, depends on preference.

    As you said FUE is the best combined with stopping hair loss via finasteride and oral minoxidil.

    • Hey mate,

      What are the negatives with Minoxidil orally?

      Honestly, I'm just thinning at the front. I don't think I would suit a crew cut or shaved head. I would look into FUE, but I'd need to get onto Finasteride either way.

  • The oral version is primarily used for high blood pressure but it’s uncommon, still has the same benefit for hair loss by basically giving your hair more blood flow. Side effects you can look up but most people don’t get any (I’m not offering any medical advice) just an observation.

    You don’t need finasteride with an FUE as in you won’t lose your grafted hair. Finasteride will prevent future hair loss though. How much hair you lose just depends on your genetics, hard to predict but often based on your mother side of the family so look there.

    Just a tip, compounded minoxidil is a lot more expensive then just getting the traditional 10mg from your local pharmacy and splitting the dose in a quarter.

    • I've never looked into it orally, but I'll do some research.

      Just seems too good to be true, why would anyone bother topically!

      See what I can find via forums etc

  • There is skull correction surgery in Korea to improve the shape of your bald nape. It costs a bit but that’s probably preferable than playing with your sex hormones - these are what makes men men and without which, you’re like an empty shell. Think of a computer with no software - testosterone gives men our vitality and the urge to hunt. Don’t be playing with that shit. If you have already suffered side effects you’ll likely do so again if you return on them.

  • Finasteride, Alpecin Shampoo and Klorane Fortifant Shampoo has worked well for me since January. Hair has more thickness and the thinning spots are starting to fill out.

  • Just get a transplant. The amount you'll spend on drugs forever will be about the same.

  • There is oral version of minoxidil which can be prescribed by a dermatologist.