What Are Your Thoughts on Pirate Chain?

I recently heard about pirate chain in a comment on Ozbargain, I checked it out and the price has been skyrocketing recently.

I bought in at $4 US and it's at $9 US now and climbing. The reddit community seems very small at only 1.9k members so I'm assuming I'm getting in early

Just wondering if there's anybody with a bit more knowledge on the situation


  • waiting for delete…….10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ….

  • it's a pump and dump. we don't care. stop.

  • Another one of those infomercials pretending to ask for advice.

    There is (probably) more crypto currencies / tokens etc than there is companies listed on the ASX and you know there is more basket case companies than good ones on the ASX so some crypto is just there to take your money.

  • interesting as a search for pirate chain reveals there hasn't been any other posts….

    • He called it ARRR

      EightImmortals on 21/04/2021 - 09:30
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      Which is why privacy coins like Monero and ARRR are doing so well. You can buy what you want without sticky-beak governments taxing you on everything. But of course it's only 'terrorists and criminals' who would ever want to hide anything from Big Bother right?

      • Ok cool… this one seems pretty technical. the stuff I have been watching from Crypto Banter on Youtube suggests taking profits when you make them. Agree with that vs "Hodl" mentality. sell when it's green and buy red + ladder in. Hold if you think there's long term potential.

  • What's my thoughts? It's about to go back down while everyone sells after making a profit. Get tf out now!

  • We got some at around $2.85 AUD. It's the only thing that's not red in my portfolio all week. Should go OK over the next year or two at least as crooked governments start rolling out their own digital (totally trackable) currencies and try to do away with the competition so to speak. Ask me again next year. :)

    Bad week for cryptos all around but that's normal in this market. Diamond hands FTW. :)