This was posted 1 year 1 month ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wltoys 144001 1/14 RC Car US$69.99 (~A$90) | +2x 2600mAh Batteries US$95.99 (~A$124) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Update Coupon BG56499f can't be renewed for the RC Car with the extra 1500mAh batteries as there's no stock left at the AU warehouse. They can't discount CN stock as the shipping costs are too expensive, so they suggested either waiting two months for the AU warehouse to be restocked or purchasing the RC Car with the upgraded 2600mAh batteries.

Note: coupon BGad7599 still works so you can still purchase the RC Car with 1x 1500mAh battery.

After this deal proved quite popular I asked the rep for a coupon on the Wltoys 144001 1/14 RC Car. A good price for local stock considering the cheapest I could find was $108 for the RC car with 1 battery.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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    +US$6 for the 3rd battery doesnt make sense

  • +1

    I have one of these. Pretty decent, especially once you go brushless.

    • +1

      so buy it and swap out the motor for brushless? How much are the brushless motors, and where do you source them from, if you don't mind me asking?

      • +1

        last time I did that it was around the $60+ range for a brushless motor. Available through eBay.

        • ouch…
          got some link?
          also how we know which motor model is the correct one to replace it with?

          what is the benefit of brushless motor for these RC?

          • @pinkybrain: The benefit is speed… mine went from around 35km/hr to just over 60km/hr
            You need to check the spare parts booklet and look for Upgrades for your car…
            eg Brushless motor KV4300 + Brushless Electronic Speed Controller

            Therefore, if you are thinking brushless and can afford it, then as someone mentioned below, buy it straight away.

            • @Logical: You mean buy a prebuilt brushless RC?
              Seem like those RC can be quite expensive e.g. $350

              I have no experience with RC so not sure if I need it or not

              does brushless also meant longer run time or any other benefit besides speed?

              BTW doesn't this model do 60km/hr from their website description
              would that be fast enough to not need to do a brushless conversion?

  • Brilliant! I was looking back over past deals for this car earlier today. Great timing :)

  • +8

    I got a couple of these in the past be warned you will not receive all the batteries in the pack you ordered.

    To fix the issue you will need to take photos of everything including all the packaging the products came in and submit it on the website and then wait months for them to possibly send the missing batteries.

    Would order the car and get the batteries elsewhere.

    Also you will probably need to buy some Velcro straps for the batteries as the larger batteries are too big for the strap that comes with the car.

    Otherwise cars are great quality.

  • 95% five star reviews. dang.

  • +1

    Where can I buy the parts for this wltoys? I've got a broken one :D

    • I have an smax. It came with a parts list. I can put the part number in ali express or google machine and options come up. Maybe search for a parts list.

      • Aliexpress. I bought a few spares
        But at this price might aswell get another one.

  • +1

    Anyone can suggest a 1/10 or 1/8 RC car with brushless motor that is good quality and not costing so much like Traxxas? Bought 1 with brushed motor on Amazon US and it died the 2nd day. Thanks

    • FB Marketplace

    • If you after a buggy a HSP Top 1/10 on eBay with brushless motor is not bad for around $340 all in.
      Not amazing quality but the main benefit of these are the parts are cheap as you are sure to bang it around.

    • Yeah check out Team Corally range
      Top quality similar to Armma but have more powerful esc/motor than Armma lower prices to than both arma and traxxas

      Saw some at RC Hobbies the other day they looked pretty impressive, and they had some package deals with battery/charger

      Obviously price point is not near WLtoys lol but looked like great value for money if your after top specs

  • +2
    • Sh*tty brown :)


    I ordered this one last week and it arrived today. Battery life is only 10 minutes, but it's crazy fun and seems strong considering I've already rolled it several times at high speed.

  • +4

    Heres a new hobby I didn't know I wanted.

  • Any suggestions for one with a better remote? I don't like that type, mainly because I'm a leftie. Happy to pay a bit more, ideally with brushless motor.

  • Hi op,
    Thanks for posting, great deal!

    Both coupon codes not working ?

    • I checked both, still working.

      • That's very strange.
        Every time i try and apply it, it rejects it saying: 'This coupon is not available for limited offer products.'

        • Not sure, could you try removing items from cart clearing history/cookies and adding items again using links in the OP.

  • +2

    Just buy a brushless model rather than swapping motors. Surely not worth the hassle.

    • +3

      what do you recommend?

    • link for some models?

      • The person who wrote the modification articles in the link down the page mentions an emb-1 if you're going to do the brushless mod. Looks like they're around $350ish

        • that is quite expensive

          how about just getting the brushless motor on its own?
          how much it would cost and what is the motor model we can buy that fits this RC?

  • How they perform on a grass in a park?

    • Short grass ok. Long grass very poorly.

  • Hey all,

    I am looking for a charger for my lipo battery’s for a traxxas RC car.

    Any suggestions for an ozbargainer 😅


    • +1

      Do you know how many cells your battery is
      There are heaps of options you can go for
      You can go for a basic slow charge charger (depending on battery cells) or a multichemistry charger which can do a while range of different battery types and then you will need a lead from charger to battery that has traxxas compatible plug on it
      Probably looking at around $100 for a multichem charger

      • Thanks bdroid,

        Have to review the battery but as you suggested will search for both slow charge charger and multichem one.

        Let’s see if I can find a good deal.

  • +3

    This car has a great community backing so it's a good starting point into the hobby. The car itself is excellent value for money with plenty of upgrades and 3rd party parts support. Just remember it's a hobby grade RC car and not a consumer friendly RC car from Kmart. My advice is to get a decent charger to go with it and follow these guides:

    • what charger to get?

      so what is wrong with the charger that comes with this?

      is this model RC better than this one?

      • That's also a great model and very popular. Slower but better for off road terrain. The 144001 and 12427 are both excellent for beginners. If you're new to the hobby the 2 things I recommend are: Dont buy a car without parts support and do buy a popular car because there'll be tons of useful advice online.

        Pack in chargers are slow you'd be waiting for hours for the battery to charge for maybe 15 mins of run time. I use a HTRC t240 duo charger but it might be overkill to start with. It can charge 2 batteries at once which is useful for the above cars because they can only physically carry smaller batteries. The other thing is there's a trade off with having big vs small battery. Big battery = more run time, small battery = less weight, faster. So you may want to run with a small battery which would mean you'd have to charge it more often.

        The other feature I like about this charger is I can plug it into my car battery. Useful if I'm out and I need to charge a battery or 2.

        • What is the benefit of brushless motor and is it worth doing it?

          how much it would cost and what is the motor model we can buy that fits this RC?

  • +2

    Is this expired? I’ve tried both coupons and it says the “coupon can only be used 44 times”.

  • +2

    Code doesn’t work anymore

  • OP is it possible for you to ask seller to extend this offer? It will be sensational if you could!

    • +1

      Sure, being the weekend probably won't get a reply till late Monday though.

      • Thanks mate, this would be superb and I'm sure a few of us here will thank you for that!

        • yep, me too. spent too much time researching the 144001 last night, then missed it.

          • @sclyde2: My traffic light at home took her time to turn green last night…

    • +1

      Rep got back to me, have updated OP.

      • +1

        The one I wanted to get is OOT, bought a more expensive one! Still, Thank you so much!

  • OP, may i ask how you contacted the rep? was hoping to get one of the more offroad RC cars and would love a discount….

    • You can contact the rep here. Make sure to include the product link in your message.

    • Let me know how you go as I'm also keen on a cheap-ish offroad model.

  • Is it possible to buy the batteries separately?

    • +1

      I did a quick search for WL 144001 battery and have linked the first few results. 1, 2 & 3

      • any good RC cars + deals with brushless motors?

        also is this deal expired?

        • I'm trying to organise a deal now. I sent this link to the rep yesterday and am waiting to hear back. Banggood's price appears to be the cheapest, so if they can discount it further with a coupon even better.

          I don't know much about RC cars so not sure if it's any good. I did watch some YouTube videos and it did get some great reviews but if anyone has a better suggestion I can ask the rep for a discount on that instead. Preferably pick from their AU warehouse as it should work out cheaper.

          Deal isn't expired, 8 left of the Red 144001

  • Are the batteries Li.Po or L.Ion? The descriptions seem to avoid stating one way or the other

    • LiPo

      • is this deal still working?

        • I'm not banggood or the OP…

  • Guys I have just received the RC Car and have a few issues and would like to check with other owners to see if they are normal.
    1) the receptor generates loudish high pitch sound everytime I trigger the controller
    2) reverse won't work immediately after forward, you have to toggle the trigger the second time for it to response
    3) the velcro strap not long enough for the 2600mah battery

    Sounds like something I should return? Or just normal?

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