Kogan Delivery of Bulk Items - Ground Floor Only?


I decided to take advantage of this free shipping code to buy a washer dryer combo. I also paid for premium delivery for them to remove the box and my old washing machine. I assumed that means the item will be delivered to my door step.

The courier sent me a text message today confirm the delivery date and it says “Standard Delivery: Ground floor only - No step or stair”. My apartment is up a flight of stair, about 12 steps. It also mentions old appliance needs to be collection ready, which I understand that they want it on the ground floor.

I live alone and am in no way of moving a 70kg washer up the stair on my own. I can contract someone to come and do it but they don’t have a specific delivery time frame and I need the contractor to remove my old WM before the new one comes.

Has anyone got experience with how Kogan’s courier handle this situation? If they refuse to take it upstairs, is there anyway I can argue to make them do it? Can Kogan intervene?

Please help a distressed lady out :(

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  • Depends on the courier. If they stick to their delivery terms there's little you can do about it unfortunately. They may not even have a trolley capable of climbing stairs.

    Arguing with them will only antagonise them and they'll leave your new washer in the hardest place to get to.

    However, a smile and friendly conversation followed by a polite request with an offer of a $20 note may work for you.

  • A polite request with a $20 tip and offering to give them a hand should help!

  • Can you cancel? I've had good experiences with Appliances Online delivering to an apartment. Their service was above and beyond. I also got them to price match my fridge via online chat.

    My Mum also bought a fridge and washer from them, delivered to an apartment, and she said the delivery people were great.

    • I wish we had gone with Appliances Online, but the item had been dispatched by the time I got the message from the courier. It was also my fault for assuming their delivery is door-to-door.

  • 70kg washer, is it an industrial unit?

  • is it an industrial unit?

    That's about right for a typical 7+Kg machine.

    More than 25Kg will be the concrete block/s they now have in order to balance the heavy motor and gearbox to prevent the machine from moving during the spin cycle.

  • Buy a trolley with big wheels and get a mate around to help.
    One of my first jobs as a courier was to take these old machines down all these stairs;
    I swear they must be made of lead. I used a rope and a lot of time, plus trolley

    • You are right, they are super heavy especially front loader. Now that we have got rid of the old machine, the cost of a new trolley, rope and tools plus potentially hurting myself seems to outweigh hiring an AirTasker. Hopefully I can talk the driver to do the task for a small fee.