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Rainbow Sunset Project Lamps from $30.99 + Shipping @ PCMarket


Rainbow Sunset Projection Lamp 20cm (Square Head)
https://www.pcmarket.com.au/rainbow-projection-portable-lamp... @ $30.99

RGB Projection Lamp 170cm With Remote Control
https://www.pcmarket.com.au/rgb-projection-lamp-170cm-with-r... @ $134.99

Rainbow Sunset Projection Lamp150-180cm (SquareHead)
https://www.pcmarket.com.au/rainbow-projection-lamp-150-180c... @ $124.99

Many more! Please view the full catalogue here:


The Must-Have Item for 2021..

Transform any space into a charming, sun-kissed environment!

Escape the funk of being stuck indoors and bring the outdoors and sunshine into any space with this sunset projection lamp. This is exactly what you need to bring a little light into your life and into your space.
Create Your Ideal Scene
Choose between four types of Sunset Lamp that each project different colours and create different atmospheres: Sunset, Sunshine, Rainbow Sunset Red and we have various lengths too.


Sunset afterglow
This lamp can project eye-catching colorful spheres on the ceiling, walls and floor, just like lighting up a halo of dreamy colors in the surrounding environment.

Rotatable lamp holder
The lamp holder of this lamp can freely rotate 360 degrees left and right, and can be adjusted 180 degrees up and down. You can adjust the angle of the light at will to control the effect of the light.

Color integrated lens
Our lens adopts an integrated color lens, which rejects the operation of transparent cover and color film paper. This ensures the quality of the light color.

Good material
Our lamps are made of high-quality aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, and the wires also meet international quality standards.

Atmosphere light
The afterglow of the setting sun gives people a kind of quiet beauty of the setting sun, and brings people a romantic and warm atmosphere. This light is suitable as a photo light.

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