Getting a 5K work bonus. How would you use it?

I negotiated a salary increase but they fell short of what I was after but offered an additional 5k bonus for the end of the year to match what I was wanting. So what are your thoughts on the best way to use it?

I work in the building industry and have a few options. I can buy stuff from our suppliers.

Poll Options

  • 4
    Home improvement investment property
  • 8
    Go crazy at Harvey Norman with stuff (work supplier)
  • 11
    Save it, after 4 years get a 20k new home discount
  • 11
    Buy the inlaws a new Kitchen
  • 12
    Just get the bonus pay the tax
  • 15
    Home improvement PPOR
  • 15
    Invest in managed fund
  • 23
    Put it all in super
  • 177
    YOLO with crypto