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[PC, XB1, PS4] 3x Free Golden Keys for Borderlands 3 @ Gearbox Software (Requires Membership)


Not quite as awesome as dealbot's post from the other day, but at he was kind enough to give me the head's up on this set of Golden Keys for Borderlands 3.

KZCJB-FSR69-WF5FZ-X33JJ-HRTCS - expires 29 April, 1:00am

Two more codes courtesy of Lysander for 5 keys each to use in Borderlands 2

You don't need to own the game to redeem the keys. These are not codes to unlock the game, they're only for unlocking chests to receive special loot.

Direct link to redeem at SHiFT is https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/rewards, or redeem through your respective platform (multiple redemptions possible this way).

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