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Alexis 3 Seat Sofa Bed $314.10 (Was $599) + Shipping @ Lounge Lovers


I was in the market for a reasonably priced sofa bed & came across this one from lounge lovers, marked down from $599 to $349 at the moment, but with an additional 10% discount with the code "living10" stacking until Monday, coming down to $314.10 + shipping. In finest OzB style, I'm of course picking up from the warehouse to avoid paying shipping for the few km it'll travel.

They discount regularly across their range I'm told, but this was $499 last week then $449 yesterday, so running out stock perhaps?

Having sat on a few in this price range, this was the most comfortable by a mile. The next step comfort wise for a sofa bed was $799 at IKEA

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  • Who is up posting deals on couches at 3:30 in the morning?

  • That shipping price to Tassie. I could almost buy another couch 😩

  • Would never buy from lounge lovers again. Everything bought from them is poor quality and the customer service is even worse. Also, they constantly push out shipping dates. We had a dining table which has been pushed out 5 months! For the quality, better off spending a few hundred more n buying from more reputable stores or spending a few hundred less for same quality.

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      For custom orders or ones which are not available in the warehouse (non-default colours and material), they'll have to ship in from China and the shipping was once a quarter before covid. My order was also pushed out 4 or 5 months. The deposit was something ridiculous like 50% too. And the shipping costs a bomb.

      Customer service consisted of "it's already on sale" responses.

      I thought the quality of the sofa was fine. What specifically did you have an issue with?

  • Fwiw… We had the 3 seater in this range. It’s a comfy couch, but found the back cushions would sag (bum cushions were foam so held up).
    I think this might do better as there are no back cushions. At $315 this is pretty good.

    • Yeah, the back seems to be the same stiffness foam as you sit on.
      This one's going to get occasional use in my office when we need a power nap after service, so I'm hoping it holds up well enough.

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    I'm typing this while sitting on a 12 month-old Lounge Lovers sofa-bed. I would not buy Lounge Lovers products again. About the only positive thing I have to say about buying from them was the nice showroom and quick delivery (most items are in stock).

    My experience (YMMV):

    → Non-existent after-sales service
    Lots of pre-sale promises about replacement alternative cushion covers so we could change things up with different looks and/or deal with any accidental pet/kiddo damage. Pfft. We gave up on enquiries and requests for assistance after a few months

    → Poor quality
    Foam rebound started failing after less than six months. Similarly, fabric has stretched/sagged and has not snapped-back to its original contours. The thing creaks and squawks depending on where/how you sit on it.

    → Great bed mechanism but a bloody uncomfortable bed
    We got sucked-into the purchase having seen a unit on the showroom floor and got to try out the folding mechanism. Smooth, quiet and precise. We didn't get to test-sleep it of course. I've slept on it once and, after just a couple of hours, ended-up folding it back into sofa configuration for the rest of my sleep. The only guests who have slept on it suggested, in the morning, that it might be better for them to stay in a hotel for their second night in town.

    As always, you pay for what you get. What I'm seeing, here, is buying $400 worth of buyers' remorse.

    • If I paid $600-1000 for something I spent hours on every day I'd be pretty upset. For $300 if it's on the nature strip in a couple of years it'll have served it's purpose. It's going to sit in my home office & get occasional use when I don't want to be subjected to another episode of MasterChef.
      As I said, you've got to spend more than double for the next step up comfort wise (IKEA for my arse & back) as best I could tell, so not worth it in this case.
      I agree though, you get what you pay for, up to a point at least. We went IKEA vimle in our own lounge, KNOWING we could get replacement everything, not just from IKEA, but with an aftermarket of covers available being one of their longest standing, most popular models.

    • Try spending $1190 (that was the on sale price) on a Koala Sofa Bed; then you'll know buyer's remorse. Haha. One of the bolts snapped on installation and Koala wouldn't replace the two parts bolted together so now needs to move as one piece carefully to not break it, and then the cushion started sagging/deforming in 2 months. Had the cushion replaced under warranty (which took 2 months shipping during Covid), that one has lasted 8 months and its now even worse than the one I had replaced the first time. Reluctant to even bother talking to them again as its just junk at an extreme markup and will happen again and again until warranty expires. I rated their product 2 stars on their website with a fair explanation of why and they sent me an email saying they're not accepting my review (so that's why their ratings are so high on their website).

      Probably doesn't matter how much you spend, all this furniture in a box is junk to varying degrees. Next time I'd go for something like this, even if it doesn't last long.

  • you can easily return things at ikea, without a hassle, if you’re not satisfied

    • There's always a hassle in packing up a couch for a return. For $300 someone can claim it from the nature strip in a couple of years if need be

      • $400 for the folks that cannot pick it up, I'd rather spend $600—$900 for something that double's the life without the issue of waiting for that once a year hard rubbish collection (let alone moving it outside)

  • Lounge Lovers quality sucks. Our couch had pilled badly and looks like a cheap tracksuit. Yuck.