Hungry Jack's - End of Free Items in Shake & Win?

Hey djoz! New prizes have been added to Shake & Win. What will you shake? (sic)

Hungry Jack's app threw this notification on 21-Apr-2021, but well before that, since 19-Apr-2021, I have observed that most of the 'Free' items in Hungry Jack's Shake & Win have been discontinued. I know many here would say they never got any free item, but as per my experience, the following were available until about mid-April

  • Free Medium Chips (last got on 15-Apr-2021)
  • Free Large Drink (last got on 18-Apr-2021)
  • Free Medium Frozen Coke (last got on 14-Apr-2021)
  • Free Soft Serve Cone (last got on 02-Apr-2021)
  • Free Hash Brown (last got in Mar'2021)
  • Free Medium Coffee of your Choice (discontinued since Dec'2020) - honeslty, was my favorite although HJ coffees are not all that great.

Since 21-Apr-2021, the following "new prizes" have been added:

  • $3 Double BBQ Bacon Stacker
  • $5 Chicken Royale + Cheeseburger
  • $7 Grill Master Pulled Beef
  • Free Small Soft Drink :(

It looks like the Free Small Soft Drink is the only 'Free' prize now available, and the chances of getting it are also bleak. With this, is it finally the end of Free stuff from HJ's? I usually would pick up any of the Free Items on my way to work. Not getting anything these days.

I had also noticed that between 7AM-11AM, the chances of getting "Breakfast items" Hash Brown or Coffee was higher.

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    Who uses HJ's Shake & Win anyway?
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    I use but I don't get anything Free, ever!

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  • I suppose too many people where just claiming the free item without buying anything else.

    • I noticed it added a condition that $1 spend is necessary to claim these so I'd assume you had to buy something in order to claim

      • +1

        Nah you can just show the code at the register to avoid the $1 spend.

  • Just this morning I was offered a free hash brown from the Shake and Win, it's still out there.

    • +1

      Got a free small chips the other day, so clearly there's still multiple free prizes @OP.

      But yeah I haven't a got a free large drink for quite a while now. Was getting them pretty frequently before.

  • HJ quality has been rubbish for a while now. Esp since they altered the chicken flame grilled, I dont even go anymore - deleted the app.

    • the first flamed chicken i had there was slimy, had one recently seemed ok, but i find it worth better to get the fried patty

  • I only bother to do a shake and win if I am ever nearby. Their 2 x Whopper with Cheese for $10 is good value + 2 x $1 small chips + 2 x $1 large frozen coke. Got a free soft serve cone today as a bonus. So there, shake and win does work.

  • +1

    Got free large soft drink today

  • Got free soft serve few days ago.

  • free medium coffee on the 20th

    • got that yesterday

    • Dang! I've never got it since Dec'2020! Got Free Soft Serve Cone today. Well, a bit happy.

  • What toys are in the kids meal right now?

    • +1

      Lol you should have asked me in my Hungry Jack's AMA

      They're the Justice League Superheroes toys! Super cute and they're actually really in demand right now. I've heard from a coworker people are buying entire sets of them….

      • +1

        I was wondering if those were around still! I was waiting for the Batman one.. guess I’ll have to check my local soon. Thanks for answering!

        • My pleasure :)

  • At the branch I work at, a coworker has reported that there has been less redemptions of the regular free items on the app. So yes, I believe that there is either a reduction in the chances of getting the free items, or they're just completely removed.

    • I've only managed to get the following since 19-Apr:
      Free Small Drink
      Free Soft Serve (weirdly this appears only on Weekends)

      Really miss the Medium Chips, Medium Coffee, Large Drink and also Frozen Drink :-(

      • Oh me too, hopefully they bring them back seasonally.

  • won free small chips today \o/

    • Free Small Chips was not offered earlier. I think this too is a new 'prize'. Havent got it yet though.

      • oh i see.

        but i won two more medium coffees today.

        • Dang! I havent got it even once since Dec'2020. I wonder why though. Is it the location, or the Phone/version etc.? I highly doubt and I think it will just be a randomiser. But even though I try regularly, I havent got Coffee since 5 months!

          Today I got Free Small Soft Drink. I seem to get only this or Soft Serve. Nothing else.

          • @djoz: i reckon it's very random. i would've loved a cold drink or soft serve today since it was so warm but free's free.

  • I'd stopped using the app for a while, but restarted since they have the Uno competition.

    I think they definatly aren't offering free large drinks or medium fries anymore. I think it's because you have a chance to win something else via Uno, on these two items. I'll be interested to see if these return once Uno is over.

    • I've been able to get:
      Free Small Chips (no longer Medium Chips)
      Free Small Soft Drink (no longer Large Drink)
      Free Soft Serve Cone (same as earlier)
      Free Medium Coffee (very very very rare)

      • Yes but do any of these items give you a Uno coupon?

        That's my point.

        • Naah. I'm not yet playing Uno at HJ :-)

      • i had a streak of free med. frozen cokes when the weather here was rainy and freezing. not funny, hjs :\

        • I think it depends on the time of the day though.
          Usually get Soft Serve in afternoons.
          Coffees at night.
          Soft Drink all throughout the day!

  • I finally used the shake and win app today for the first time in a while. Two things I noticed.
    1.) Free medium coffee is still available and won this (although didn't claim this because HJ coffee isn't very good)
    2.) I got a free small coffee, Although noticed there is a new term of a '$1 minimum spend'

    • i won a free medium coffee today as well.

      and the $1 minimum spend only applies if you order through the app. just claim at the counter instead

      • The Medium Coffee is very very rare these days. Reminds me of those chance cards in Monopoly in Macca's which we never get.
        I've got like once in a month, earlier it used to be quite frequent.

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