Rear Dash Cam


I have had my Street Guardian SG9665GC V3 since 2017 and now want to get a rear dashcam too.

Can I just buy another camera for the back or should I just buy a brand new set that comes with front and back cameras?



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    Up to you. There's pros and cons to each setup.

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    You can either run a completely separate dash cam for the rear or just update to a new system with something like a VIOFO A129 Pro Duo or a cheaper A129 Plus Duo, which has been been discussed in a number of threads, as well as having deals posted here.

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    You can install a B1W as a rear camera for saving money!
    FYI, I am rep of BlueSkySea.

    • Do people hardwire your cameras? I have mine currently plugged into the socket but have an adaptor so could have 2 being plugged in, instead of hardwire. Thanks!

  • Do people hardwire your cameras?


    You can either do it yourself or an Autolec will quote about $200 to install.

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