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Levi's 502 Regular Taper Fit Jeans in Nightshine (Black) $89.96 Shipped @ Myer


First post for me, please be kind.

Unfortunately this deal finishes tomorrow but it's a decent price for a popular pair of jeans and there's still lots of sizes in stock. I actually size down in these jeans 2 sizes so they fit almost like a slim jean but experimenting is probably something you want to do in-store.

Shipping is free (free standard delivery over $49)


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  • Nice find!

  • Other colours available too.

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    Hmm I've gotten nice Levis at factory outlets for 35 bucks

    • Link? I will buy the $35 ones instead.

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        Levis shops at DFO, buy one, get second free is a very common promotion over there.

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      Yep. Nothing special about this deal. Picked up a black pair of 511's for $9 in David Jones sale last year too.

      • You can't compare clearance to a regular sale lol… At $9 they're being sold under cost.

        Clearances have next to no stock, usually irregular sizes/fits. Most people aren't going to find what they want on a clearance rack.

        • Not clearance, just their regular sales, and they had loads. Popular size 34. Paying more than 40 bucks for a pair of levis is a rip ff.

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    Myer's return policy is not great, especially for those of us in regional areas. You have to pay for return shipping, unlike many other online retailers (Iconic, Bonds, etc). If you don't live near a store but absolutely have to buy from Myer and would rather not pony up the cash to return an ill-fitting garment, pay with PayPal and make use of their free returns (8 per year).

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    I used to wear Levi's until I realised I was paying far, far too much, and I wasn't sure what it bought me.

    • Levis are selling on their name only, just like many other "known" brands. Pass.

    • It turned you into a magnet with the opposite sex.

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    Sizing is very hit and miss with Levis, unless you're buying online exactly the same model that you know fits you well you might be in for a big surprise.

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      I bought the same kind of Levis in the same size as I always wear, from Amazon, and wound up with a really weird pair… Very long legs, front pockets that were super deep, rear pockets that were small.

      Still not sure if this is just crap Levis quality control, or if I bought a fake pair off Amazon. I'm not sure how prevalent fakes are, or how to tell…

      • What do you think all those DFO shops selling at 50% discount?

    • I had this issue. Bought a pair of 34 waist which fitted way tighter than a pair of 33 Calvin Klein jeans. So strange that a measurement of size can change between brands. Like if each model of car had a different speedo reading.

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        Calvin Klein use elastane in their jeans thats why they are so comfy and stretchy, Levis are all pretty stiff denim, not very comfy but they fit well.

  • Thanks, bought :)

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    I have Levis and they're ok, but for the money I actually prefer the Big W "1964 Denim Company Men's Straight Jean" for $20.

    • there is also this. I haven't tried them but it does make you wonder about the profit margin on those costing more than 10x more: $6.50 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/classic-jeans/2924836

      • I checked out Kmart first but their quality is noticeably more aligned with the price.

        • I bought some.

          * the (mini) front right pocket (biggest loss to me)
          * rivets on front pockets
          * corner stitching on some pockets not as reinforced as Levi's ( but really a bit of nit-picking I think )

          Otherwise, very good and comparable to Levi's. Materials all feel very similar. I love the fact that the jeans are totally unbranded on the outside, plus no silly Levi's back pocket decorative stitching. Plain, the way I like it.

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