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Natural Cashews 1.2kg $18.99 @ ALDI

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  • busted a nut

  • Natural Cashews 1.2kg $18.99

    Much better than the Unnatural ones…

    • +2

      Plain text is also much better then the bolded one too…

      • I bet you only buy vanilla ice cream.

        • You gotta try Butterscotch ice cream flavour.

        • Correct.

      • I think you mean better than

        • Yes.

    • not as good as the supernatural ones

    • …In cash ews not know*.

  • +1

    I just opened a pack of the above mentioned cashews today after finishing up the Costco Kirkland organic cashews. I must enlighten everyone here that the Costco cashew quality is miles ahead of this one. This one is not bad but the Costco one is just way better. Again,beach batch of cashews would vary and so would one's experience

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      I roast the ALDI ones in the oven. That does the trick!

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      Specifically the organic ones? I find the normal Kirkland ones look deliciously perfect but lack the fragrant cashew taste.

  • Woolis and Coles regularly have cashews on sale for $10 for 800gram, so cheaper.

  • Tamari Flavoured Almonds 400g $7.99 i.e. $19.98/ kg
    Turmeric & Ginger Flavoured Almonds 400g $7.99 i.e. $19.98/ kg

    These two are all sold out. Should have been quick!

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