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15% off Select Cycling Accessories + Delivery ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Pushys


15% off select items for anyone looking for cycling gear, which seems good.

Excludes: Garmin, GoPro, Kask, Wahoo, Tacx, Elite, Continental, Campagnolo, Gift Cards, bikes and frames.

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  • Title is a bit misleading, does not include bikes or a stack of big name brands

  • Misleading title. The sale is far from being sitewide.

  • Excludes: Garmin, Gopro, Kask, Wahoo, Tacx, Elite, Continental, Campagnolo, Gift Cards, bikes and frames. i.e. half the site.

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      What do you mean by half the site? They sell a lot more than those 8 brands, bikes and frames.

  • They priced jacked what I was looking at $100->$149 …

  • If everyone starts downvoting whenever these types of "deals" pop up, it'll hopefully make sites like Pushys stop relying on false advertising to generate their sales.

    • That's not how it works. Pushys didn't post this deal on Ozbargain. They don't rely on Ozbargain to make sales…

      • The point is that what Pushys do is called "false advertising". You don't say "sitewide" and then start adding exclusions.
        I've already flagged this with Pushys themselves several times, but that fell on deaf ears.

  • Dunno why people think they'll get 15% off frames.

    Those are real brands, Pushys won't be allowed by the manufacturers to discount them.

    It'll be the same with all of those exclusions, they probably have contracts that prevent them from doing discounts. There's no way Campagnolo would allow discounts if they can prevent them.

    If you want discounts on frames you need to find a direct-to-consumer brand or BSOs/exclusive brands like Anaconda with Fluid.

    • Maybe because Pushys advertise it as "sitewide"
      We know those brands don't get discounted, but that is not the issue, the issue is the advertising

  • Thanks, picked up a few items i wanted.

    • Ya I got some gels, tubes, and a tyre.

      Didn't see anything price jacked.

      How people let eBay deals slide but these deals get blown apart…

  • Thanks a lot. Got two helmets. $50 cheaper than in 99 bikes with membership.

  • The only major bike brand they don't exclude is Shimano?

    • Code seems to work for all the SRAM components I've checked?

      SRAM and Shimano isn't enough for you?

      Worked on the forks I tried as well…

      Campy is overrated for mid-tier anyway.

      • As others have stated the issue is that the email starts with the text "15% OFF SITE WIDE" followed by a huge image with the same text. Usually companies are fined for false advertising. I'm a regular Pushys customer so I have no problem with the products they sell, just the misrepresentation.