This was posted 6 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky $102.64 Shipped (RRP $125) @ BoozeBud


It's stacking time with the latest offers from Cashrewards (, BoozeBud ($25 off $125 spend) and if you're eligible even Amex (

Normal price for this rather tasty and heavily peated whisky is $125 with the cart below able to had for around $77:

1 x Lagavulin 16 Year Old ($124.65)
1 x Mornington Peninsula Brewery Free Pale Ale ($2.99) - MUST BE ADDED TO REDUCE THE TOTAL PRICE
1 x Can Southern Comfort Hard Apple (free bonus)

Even better, as I was in NSW they offered free same day shipping.

Enjoy and don't forget to drink responsibly :-)

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  • Total comes to $102.64 for me…
    Are you deducting the $25 cashback to get to the $77 pricepoint?
    (still doesn't quite work out $102.64-$25=$77.64 and you shouldn't be deducting cashback as there's no guarantee it'll track)

    • That's correct, admit that I didn't think too much about the $0.64c when saving $50.

      Not sure why the $25 cashback wouldn't be guaranteed as it seems to be widely accepted as such within the other post.

      Mine has also tracked already, coming through very soon after the purchase was complete.

      Note that I didn't include the further 15% Amex cashback as this seemed to be a targeted offer.

      • +2

        I think the general policy is to quote the price before cashback, and note the cashback percentage available - it's not 100% guaranteed that it will land, and as it isn't an instant price reduction it's generally not counted.

      • Why would the $25 not be guaranteed?

        • It happens. My most recent disappointment was buying an extra laptop just because of a Dell cashback special, I only got half the expected cashback. I raised it same day with Shopback, the person on the chat said she'd look into it. A couple of weeks later they finalised it by telling me the current cashback rate rather than the one when I bought it.

          PSA: Always get evidence of the rate at purchase time. Should have got the agent to quote the rate to me in the chat.

          • @Abaddon: Ah yes… I get issues with first choice liquor all the time.

  • +1

    This is very good post-cashback price. I have this bottle and really love it.

  • BoozeBud have dropped the price of Lagavulin to $124.65, so will need to add one more item to get it above $125 for the $25 discount to kick in.

    • +1

      Hence the…

      1 x Mornington Peninsula Brewery Free Pale Ale ($2.99)

  • Whilst I got a decent deal i still it stuffed up. The bottle is $124.65. They chuck in free delivery plus a can of Southern Comfort apple stuff. But they also have a deal called spend and save where:

    If you spend over $125, you get $25 of and more if you spend over $250. Its part of their "Spend and Save" promo. So I should have also bought a can of Rocks Brewing Co. Larri for $3.69, this would have carried me over the $125 threshold and I would have got another $25 off, silly me…………………………….

  • +1

    NB. Make sure you add one of the Mornington Peninsula beers. I added the brown ale. Apparently they're paying you to take those, it reduced the cart!
    Great deal, thanks OP!

  • Are you sure the cash back with stahl with the save and spend offer at boozebud (25 off 125) ? Cash back website doesn’t list this one as a valid promotion

    • According to this post it will stack -

    • you're not adding an additional code to use the 25 off 125, my purchase has tracked.

      • How do you get 25 off 125 spend?

        I see CR 25% but not getting the 25 off. Looking at the Corry

  • great thinking, stacked CR, AMEX and Boozebud spend and save. thanks

  • Thanks op, great find

  • OOS

  • Has the Spend & Save category disappeared?

    • appears so…

      • Damn, looks like I missed this… oh well.

    • [email protected]#& it has disappeared. Had another whisky and was browsing to add something else to bring it over $125 and it's gone.

      • same..

      • Pick up the Ardbeg Uigeadail. Or for a different genre but excellent drink, Abelour A’Bunadh

    • +1

      The $25 off $125 spend was supposed to end midnight last night

  • Oos just when I was heading to checkout. Just disappeared from cart. Lame!

    Anything else worth getting? Does the 8yo compare?

  • Looks dead. 🙄

  • +1

    As others mentioned, looks likes the spend and save promotion mysteriously disappeared but used Honey and it applied 25OFFNOW for 25% off, bigger discount anyway came down to $99.65 before cashback.

    • +1

      Might need to be a bit careful when using other codes as they may make the transaction ineligible for cashback (when it's not also shown on the Cashrewards website).

      • -1

        No code was required. Discount was applied automatically so I doubt it will be ineligible for cashback

      • Good point, got the confirmation from cashrewards that the cashback has tracked in this case though so should be fine

    • -4

      Seems complicated and drawn out

      • Just need to use coupon code 25OFFNOW, no need for Honey

  • Damn. I missed it. :'(

  • +1

    What the? I've never spent more than $95 on this bottle…

    • well would have been cheaper than that if you got in on the deal.

      • Ah the title says "$102.64 Shipped", but then the description says $77. So yea….

  • Discount promo gone on all products

    Was eyeing out green label at $35 per bottle

  • Thanks OP, got these 3 items in the description, should work out to be $62.23 after CR and Amex cashback, and added bonus of Shop small extra points.

  • CODE "25OFFNOW" just worked for me.

  • Can anyone who used 25OFFNOW with this deal please confirm that cash back was indeed tracked at 25%? This coupon is not listed on Cashrewards.

  • +1

    Thank you, OP. I am holding my bottle because they had free same day delivery.

  • Damnit. Missed out again!!! My favorite scotch.