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Free Richmond FC 2020 Member Hats, Scarves and Beanies with $9.95 Shipping @ Tigerland Superstore


The Richmond FC online store are giving away their 2020 stock of member Hats, Beanies and Scarves. You only need to pay $9.95 shipping. You can include up to 5 of each now one of each per order. Probably won’t last long as it’s already been shared on other websites.

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  • +9

    Free Richmond FC 2020 Member Hats, Scarves and Beanies

    No deal

    They are paying you to take the Carlton and Collingwood ones…

    • Please provide a link ;)

      • Just send Eddie an SMS.

  • thanks OP got 5 scarves and beanies for winter. cheers

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Will have a very happy Tigers supporter at home when this arrives in the mail.
    Seemed to have plenty of beanies and scarfs but no hats when I ordered.

  • ding!

  • +4

    Thanks OP, no hats but got a couple of beanies and scarves for friends.

  • Looks like the hats are back actually

  • +15

    Sounds like an expensive way to buy fire starters

  • Good thing they made you pay shopping. Filters the hoarders.

  • +7

    3 Losses, No Dusty..now giving away the farm!

  • +1

    Yeah just beanies and scarves, no hats. My 7 year old will be very happy when this arrives in the mail.

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    Free Richmond FC 2020 Member Hats, Scarves and Beanies

    Still too expensive and no good as shit tickets.

  • +2

    Thanks you so much for posting this out.

  • +2

    Thanks OP

  • +2

    thanks for the heads up , used my membership vouchers too at same time

  • +3

    U might get another good few month use out of it before you put it away in the bottom draw for 30 years. Might be a good hand me down to your grand kids

  • +1

    Thanks im a tiger supporter now

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP - got some for Christmas

  • Ordered for the family. Hopefully they ship them. We'll be watching in tiger gear now.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, the black sheep of our family will be very pleased

  • I added 5 members choice caps and 5 scarves. No members choice beanies left so proceeded to checkout but discount does not apply. Is there any code? How do I get what I added for &10 shipping?

    • +1

      its 2020 products not 2021

      • -1

        Thanks for correcting me. Managed to grab 5 each of scarves & beanies. :)

  • +3

    probably they scooped those up from the dumpsters around the city after last Saturday defeat

    • +3

      Any vendors watching should be ready with their best microwave deal if the Dogs roll them this week.

  • +1

    $2 a scarf roll.. soft and absorbent.. bargain

  • Any Tiger Store pick-up options?

    • Not last time I checked. Covid

  • thank you ordered it for a family of tiger fans

  • Do the scarf and beanie actually keep warm in Melbourne winter? Or are they just a fan souvenir?

  • +1

    Just got an email saying my order had been shipped, thanks OP!

    • Wow.

      When did you place your order ?

      • 10:30am :)

  • No Beanies left, Managed to get 5 scarfs though, What sport is this for again?

  • All gone

  • +1

    these look like the free ones they give to members, and not as good quality as something you might actually buy in a "proper" shop. Just a thought. The scarves in particular look a little flimsy.

    Disclaimer - I'm a tigers supporter, not trying to start anything !!

  • To be honest they shouldnt allow you to buy if youre not a member. Kinda defeats the purpose when it literally says ‘2020 member’

  • Bummer wanted 4 beanies for the kids Missed out but got the 5 Scarfs. would have preferred the beanies for the kids

    • My Order got cancelled

  • It is only possible to get 1 item and only cap and scarf left. thanks anyway

  • +1

    Now Beanies are back! Only limit of 1 Beanie, 1 Cap and 1 Scarf per order. Thanks for this find!

  • Just got all three. Confirm limit of one each per order.

  • Is that the same Richmond that Ted Lasso managed last season?

  • +1

    got 1 of each for a young tiger fan. thanks op

  • +2

    Big question is will vic ski season be cancelled now that melbourne are 6 and 0

  • Perfect. It's getting coolder.

    Need kindling.

  • +2

    Don't allocate them just yet, order cancelled, upvote revoked.

  • My order got refunded as well…

  • Spoke to someone from customer support. Apparently they are cancelling all orders from people that weren't members.

  • Just received an email as well, order cancelled :(

  • Order Cancelled.

    Ozbargain strikes again

  • Yep… order cancelled

  • I got so lucky. 5 Beanie and 5 scarves, and I wasn't even a member. Came in the mail on Friday

    • I had two orders as the beanies came back in stock. That got cancelled but my original with 5 scarves still showing awaiting shipment. Hopefully get lucky. Im looking to make a mega scarf for my mad Richmond mate. 5 all sewn together. One can only dream

  • Just received an email as well, order cancelled

  • My order just got cancelled as well.

  • mine arrived today ;-) melbourne

  • My order arrived today as well.

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