Anyone Signed up their Kids for North-Shore?

interested in some getting my kids (9yo) some additional learning and founded a program called north-shore that operate nearby in Vic SE.

anyone used or recommend them?

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    You founded North Shore? Or you found North Shore?

  • Do you live in the north shore? If not, i'd recommend sending your kids out west for better quality colleges. North shore schools and tutoring colleges aren't the ones doing the best in the HSC.

    • thanks, would you recommend something else?

      • Waterbottled below mentioned a few. My friends went to Matrix and all got 99+. They were Asian so…

        Sorry man. I thought you were looking for tutoring colleges. I'm not sure what the rules are for advertising your business on the forums. Good luck anyhow.

  • North Shore sucks. Go to Matrix, Pre-Uni or Dr Du (if your kid's smart enough).

    btw, which subjects do you want to send your kids to do? I've found english courses were always lacklustre. However, if it's for maths or science, they're usually worth it (again, depends on which college they go to).

    • they're offering a general one over 3.5hours (covering english/maths and general ability), we're based in Vic, so i don't thin we can opt for Dr Du.

      • Oh you're kid's young. In that case, I've not had any experience with North Shore. Best to send your kid to a free trial class and see how they think of it and talk to the tutor afterwards as well.

  • How old is your kid?
    We found the Ingleburn branch great for selective school exam tutoring.

  • we're based in Vic

    Ignore what I said. I thought you were referring to the North-Shore district of SYdney.

  • Northshore have been around for at least 10 years (back when I was in school), they were alright back then. If you want low cost option, go for Nam Quang, if you want high-end James An and Northshore are it. Mostly all 3 are options for selective school tutoring too.

    • thanks, will give the other 2 options a look into.

    • Probably more at least 20 years; I went to North Shore for HSC English in 2006

      • Accurate, I did selective school tuition with them since 1999….

        Edit: I wouldn't recommend it for 9 year old. It was a lot of rote learning and I didn't feel it helped / enjoyed. Back then swot shop used to have a program called Galileo gang (they stopped this model to be competitive though I think), that was great it was much more learning about how to think and work out problems and then the last 30 mins of class was like fruit and then thinking / strategy games like chess or abalone etc… Not sure if any tuition place does a similar thing now they all seem to just focus on getting you through the tests and not how to think.

  • Don't do it.
    My friends (all singaporean/malaysian/chinese parents) went there and they lost a big part of their critical social upbringing/sporting lifestyle.

    We've now all graduated uni and i can officially say we're all at the same standard, no single one of them is better off (had one burn out after getting a 99.9 ATAR as it was his entire life, dropped out of uni, only to restart 3 years later, his life was just study.) As long as they're going to a semi-decent school they'll be fine. If anything it has a negative impact later on in life because they don't know how to self motivate.

    ATAR isn't the be all and end all it used to be.

  • My son is going there for year 3 program. Going there 'cos I have seen preuni's paper, thinking north shore would be easier for my son to settle in. Look, they may used these WMEG materials for the last 10 years. English is a bit easy. Maths is more difficult than the pre-uni, but then some questions are hard, I don't think it should be there until year 5. Not consistent every week. The teacher sometime tells students a few answers 'cos most students don't know the answers. I need to check the answers myself and ask him which ones he did it himself. They didn't spend much time on writing.

    As I expected, no tuition centre is good enough. The only reason I keep sending him to NS 'cos he loves the environment and he seems to settle in well. It takes may a few terms for him to feel comfortable doing these questions weekly and doing a timed test in a class environment. Most parents send kids to preuni 'cos they think it is harder and have greater chance for getting into selective. My advice for you is - choose a tuition centre your kid is comfortable with and loves to learn there. Get them into a habit of reading more books and teach them look up words they don't understand. Don't rely on one particular tuition centre or teacher. My son may still go there until end of the year. My daughter did her selective prep course in James An few years ago (after trying 3 tuition centres, eventually happy with JA 'cos their staff are friendly) and she got into selective, while her friends went to NS or Pre-uni didn't.

    It depends on student as well. If your kids have no interest in reading and Maths or they love performing arts, music and other stuff, I don't think it is really worth sending him/her to selective schools. It is just difficult for parents and definitely pressure on kids. They have lower confidence if they have no intention to do well academically (consider some kids only love computers/coding, play music and dance, it may be better for parents to send them stem/drama classes and they may end up in a career they love in the future).

  • North Shore is dependent on the franchisee and the tutors they're able to recruit in the area so your experience may vary.

    I think their course material haven't really changed over the years. The Mak's have certainly gotten pretty rich over the years and got a little complacent while the competition have probably flogged the crap out of them. Hell, some of their better tutors aren't even on the tools anymore even though we've asked for them specifically.