Returns for "unacceptable" product performance

How do you feel about returning items that are genuinely bad products or are not fit for your purpose? Not faulty, they are functioning as intended. There are very few things you can adequately demo and reviews only go so far (if they even exist for a specific product). Surely with the amount of garbage deals posted you've bound to have purchased some duds.

Example 1: You buy a budget android phone and it is very laggy for even basic UI navigation or regular apps.
Example 2: You buy a battery powered tool (vacuum, gardening, DIY) and its underpowered for what you need/reasonably thought was possible for the product.
Example 3: You buy expensive earphones and they sound terrible to you or don't even fit in you ears.

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    I (try to) return items I am not satisfied with.
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    All sales are final, I accept the risks.
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    I want to return them but will instead keep, gift, sell or throw away.


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    1. It is budget and that is what you get.
    2. Must be fit for purpose. Return.
    3. You need Ear Surgery but Medicare won't pay. Epic dummy spit.

      2 This. A bunnings guy told me the ozito 18v mower would do the job, and it choked within a minute on my grass. So I chucked it back in the box and bought a petrol one.

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        I read not long ago under consumer law that if the sales person says it can do something and it doesn't it's treated the same was as not as described and can be returned.


        All mowers will have their cutting limit.

        The sales person should have or may have also said that it won't cut high grass with diagrams indicating such.

        Having said that, Bunnings return process is near hassle free.


          The 2nd guy that sold me the lawn mower explained that to me, but the 1st one definitely did not. He didn't even explain to me that high grass may need 2 runs..

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      1,2,3 prolly user error chuck yourself out


    If it's ebay I'll always ask for a refund. And they never want their shitty product back either.

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    Hence, buy from a place that allows for return due to change of mind…

    Better yet, check out reviews to see what people/reviewers say, so you reduce risk of buyers remorse. If there are no reviews and no change of mind, you take the risk unfortunately.


    Stop buying cheap junk and don’t waste time on this crap.

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    I'm too poor to buy cheap….