What Telcos Work with Realme X3 Superzoom Phone?

My wife is currently with Telstra (one month left on contract). After issues with her Google Pixel 4XL which they have refused to fix, she looked around and decided to go for the Realme X3 superzoom phone. Bought at the weekend, but after a couple of days of messing, the mobile data would not work.

She took the phone back to JB Hi-Fi today and the assistant said it was a known issue with Telstra and offered her a replacement phone (Oppo 4 Z 5G). Reviews tended to suggest the Realme has a better camera, which is what she uses the phone primarily for, so she's a bit torn what to do.

Can anyone recommend another Telco that works with the Realme phone? (I've tried searching but can't find information in easy terms that confirms either way)


  • One thing to check would be the APN settings on the phone. You should be able to find the correct settings on the Telstra website, but resetting to default first might do the trick.

    • We tried that, but no joy unfortunately.

  • Go to telstra store and ask them for help

  • same phone, works with all networks, was 2 x Telstra sims, now 1x telstra and 1 x voda, also had an optus in there once

  • has she tried getting a sim reburn from telstra

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