ShopBack Rejected My Referral Bonus

I referred my parents to ShopBack earlier this year. Their cashback is successfully tracked and confirmed, however my referral bonus has been rejected.

ShopBack is alleging self referral which is a pathetic excuse. Parents live with me so we share same Wi-Fi connection so obviously we would same IP address.

I am no way going to share their ID(if asked) due to ShopBack data breach and how they handled the breach.

Would you let go referral bonus or escalate the matter to Fair Trading?

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    all that effort just for $5? lol

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      i believe it's been $25 - $30 lately

      • -1

        For $30 it's shouldn't be worth OPs time to write this post.

        • That's not in the spirit of Ozbargain

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      OP has a Melodramatic life, so much stress.

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    escalate the matter to Fair Trading

    Really? Was the referral bonus $$$?

    • What's your time worth?

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      It's not about just money. In Principle, ShopBack has been extremely dodgy where large amounts never tracked but magically small amounts are always tracked. I therefore want to escalate further.

      You can see similar opinion from other people in various deals here.

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        ShopBack has been extremely dodgy

        Yet you referred them to your parents? You must be their favourite child.

        • I only did because of referral bonus. Won't be using them going forward!

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    😂 You got them to sign up in the same household? Yeah could see that coming…

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      I disagree. I got my wife to sign up as well. She shops a lot, might as well get some cashback. There is nothing in the terms and condition to say one account per household. What if you have flatmates, does everyone in the house have to share the one account as well? That being said, my referral bonus went through, no problem.

      Maybe OP and parents share the same browser on the same computer, and cashing out to the same bank account? That would be self-referral indeed.

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    C'mon man. Did you genuinely refer them? Or just use their email accounts to set up Shopback accounts to claim the referral bonus on your normal shopping?

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      Yes I did genuinely refer them.

      My partner had a similar issue with Cash rewards but we were happy to send ID. ShopBack however had data breach so zero trust factor here.

      • -1

        had data breach

        "Had"….so should be zero issue supplying Id now as they would have fixed or improved security since ;)

        Facebook, LinkedIn, Sony, eBay, Adobe, Yahoo…
        Just to name a few other small companies that have had data breaches to put it into perspective.

        • +1

          Facebook, LinkedIn, Sony, eBay, Adobe, Yahoo

          How many times did you share your ID copy with them?

      • OK, fair enough.

        Moving on, you knew there was a high probability of this occurring (based on your CR experience) and are now outraged when it actually did occur?

  • i remember cashrewards constantly mentioning this as a reason to reject referral or even cashback. shopback probably have t's and c's similar to that somewhere. how are they to know you referred you didn't refer yourself? Your word?

    • True. My partner used to send me a referral for cashrewards. Despite it being 2 differents account, he was rejected the bonus $. And, honestly i found it so annoying that despite following the step you are still ineligible that i just ditched cashrewards…

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    Self referrals are not allowed.

    Read the T&Cs…

  • shopback is trash

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    shopback IS trash

    • -2

      Beware - ShopBack representative negging all comments that disclose their on-ground reality.

      • That's incorrect, as you probably remember, store reps are unable to negative vote comments for their own store. In the future please use the report button, rather than making false accusations.

        • @Hamza23 - I understand it works for deals but this is a forum post. Can you clarify if this logic also works on forums?

          • @Ash-Say: Yes I can verify this rule applies to all nodes associated with the store, including forum posts.

  • I referred my parents

    So you made 2 referrals in the same household that were knocked back?

    • +6

      No OP actually referred all 12 of his parents

  • Nm

  • Did your parents use your card to pay too? Maybe that may look suspicious…

  • Where are your bros and sis?

  • Shopback is dodgy period. Stop using it.

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