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$7 / $5 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick up or Delivery) @ Menulog


Offer is not valid with McDonald's, Hungry Jack's or KFC orders.

credit/thanks to @doweyy for the $7 code 237N-CUNV :)

Mod Note: The code works for pick up or delivery, but the venue must be 'Delivered by Restaurant' and not 'Delivered by Menulog' to apply.

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    I got $7 off $15 spend with "237N-CUNV", might be targeted but worth a try.

    • +1

      thanks, works - deal updated :)

    • you legend, you! Just saved me $7!

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      The second part of that coupon is what you'd say if it doesn't work.

    • Good stuff - helped me too! :)

  • None of above are valid for grilled.

    • +1

      Grill'd is Delivered by Menulog. The code only works at Delivered by Restaurant locations.

      • Thanks, first time user of menulog. Didn't realise that difference.

  • Thanks, used the $7 one to schedule lunch for tomorrow :)

  • Top filter to delivered by restaurant to qualify

  • Thanks OP, only received $5 off, $7 code works a charm!

    • no worries, same - credit/thanks to @doweyy for the $7 code :)

      • Perfect timing as was holding out for any vouchers to come through to stack with Amex statement credits- Menulog ghosted us for a couple of days last week I think!

  • "Voucher is not valid for this restaurant", tried to use it with Marcellina's (Munno Para) which is delivered by restaurant …

  • Thanks for posting :) $7 off worked for me even though I was only targeted with a $5 off voucher

  • But the T&C say "Min $25 spend"?

    • +1

      Tried with order under $25 , still working

  • My first order waited 1.5 hours, same restaurant deliveroo and Ubereat uses about 20-30 mins…

  • Not really a good deal, just had a look and the delivery fee kills it. Most places are $25 minimum order, saw one with $40 + $8 delivery. Don't really have many good experiences using Menulog honestly one driver marked my meal as delivered and drove off with it, another one they parked at the other side of the road and walked away I had to chase them, quite often wait over an hour.

    • +5

      delivery fee kills it

      You can pick the order up.

      using Menulog honestly one driver

      If you did choose delivery, it's delivered by the restaurant, not Menulog.

  • +1

    WTH! I used the $7 code which was fine showing the discount, but then after I placed the order it disappeared showing full price.

    Which was automatically accepted by the restaurant and too late to cancel. Of course Menulog support is the worst.

    This is why you should always pay with a card you can charge back or with paypal.

  • -3

    I live in sydney CBD and most of the menu log restaurants are delivered by menulog, wtf?

  • -1

    $7 works, thanks for the code OP

  • Tried at least 3 restaurants that have "Delivered by Restaurant". Keep getting "Voucher is not valid for this restaurant".

    • This happened to us the last time we had a $5 code with the same conditions. We complained about it and flagged that restaurant. Got a $5 refund immediately, and after 3 week or so a similar code would begin to (correctly) apply to that particular restaurant. Bottom line: took a while, but worth raising it with Menulog. They probably have some backend issues.

  • Thanks OP. Pizza dinner sorted…

  • +1

    Tho I have food in the fridge Im being naughty and I ordered curry and dumplings to be delivered for $14.60. Bargain and I get 3 meals out of it so leftovers tomorrow too yay!

  • I just click on repeat the order I have saved that costs 9.90 after voucher. Thank you OP. Pizza it is.

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