Kayano 27 Running Shoes - Where to Buy?

Hey all, just missed the recent bargains for Kayano 27 running shoes, bugger. Should I wait for another sale or shop around now?

Looking for a quality shoe cause I’ve got stuffed knees



    28s should be available in June, so if you can wait a few weeks you might get a bargain on the 27s


    Brooks are the best for my stuffed knees - moved across from ASICS a few years back.

    Nothing but Brooks from now on. Just Sports have decent pricing if you are in Sydney.


    Kogan have some for sub $200.

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    Although it's not exactly the series you're after, Jim Kidd Sports have Kayano 25's starting at $109.95 for larger sizes and regular sizes from around $140.00. If you haven't worn Kayano's before then consider getting them in a wide fitting to avoid toe scrunch IMHO.