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adidas NMD_R1 Black or White (Size US Men's 4-13) $79.99 (RRP $200) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Platypus


Taking style cues from premium technical outerwear, these shoes blend '80s heritage with modern comfort. The soft and stretchy knit upper shows off subtle 3-Stripes. Iconic EVA plugs accent the Boost midsole, adidas' most responsive cushioning ever.

Also white https://www.platypusshoes.com.au/nmd-r1-fy9384-wht.html#93=2...

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    thanks op. bought 2.

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    Thanks OP , bought two

  • Thanks OP. Bought

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      • free delivery.

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        Just 1

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    Thanks 2, bought OP

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      Bought OP 2, thnx

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    RRP stands for Recommand Rip-off Price. $200 dollars down to $80.. still make profit? I do not know.. but thanks op.

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      theres plenty meat on the bones even for an $80 shoes. it dont cost much to make a shoe.

      • +1

        Yeah can't even justify $80 personally. Paid under $50 for my last pair off Amazon.

        • Probably $10 to make lol. You can buy these off the factory in China for $30..

    • Can confirm

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    I did not buy 2

  • Good heel support for walking or not?

    • +1

      nowhere near as comfortable as pureboosts

    • These are completely flat and have no insole, so i guess they dont.

    • The heel isn't supported well for lateral movement. But theres a huge amount of cusion for impact absorbtion.

    • +1

      No - not at all, purely for looks or walking around the gym.

  • Thanks, Bought 2

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    As somebody with a wide foot I hate these, which sucks because I love the way they look.

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      Which one you use?

      • Not OP, but i have massive flat feet and older model Ultraboosts are still the best for me

    • I have a pretty wide foot at the toe area and I find these to be comfy, but depending where your foot is wide your mileage may vary!

    • +1

      if you have duck feet, look at NB. They are wide as

    • i find these are more tight near the ankle/top area, but comfy around the toe area, and I have wide feet.
      Because of this, I can only wear short periods before it gets comfortable.

    • size up by 1

  • Thanks, Bought 1

  • Size 14 not available.

  • +1

    thanks, didnt need them - bought them anyway

    • only needed one but free delivery if i bought 2. so why not right.

      • Yeah, got one for kids
        Ozbargainnis sending me broke

  • -2

    My gf said I have a third leg, so I brought 3

    • +2

      Hope you put a sock on the 3rd leg..

    • What are you going to do with the extra 3?

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    Can anyone suggest all black shoes/sneakers ….no racism

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    Thanks OP bought 3

  • Thanks OP bought twice.

  • Thanks OP bought

  • +1

    No insole = not comfortable.

    • Just buy $5 insoles

    • +4

      Have you actually tried these?

      Coz these don't need it

    • I have to agree couldn't work it for myself lol

    • Not as soft or bouncy as ultraboost but still comfy.

      Whoever said to get 1/2 size smaller. You are right.

      I'm a size 10.5 in ultraboost. Went with size 10 in nmd and it fits fine.

  • Thanks OP, bought!

  • Wish I hadn't seen this as have so many NMD, now two more pairs.

  • +4

    My sincerest praise original poster, for I made a purchase in tandem.

  • Echo

  • Thanks OP, got 2. Hope everyone remembered SB/CR.

  • I feel like theres never bargains in my size, thanks!!!!

    • Will post large size ones if I found in the future.

      • Love your work!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought 2 - left and right.

  • Nice find OP. I bought one too

  • TTS?

  • Thanks bought black and white with ShopBack takes another $6 or so off.

  • Thanks op! As a true ozbargainer I bought two to avoid paying shipping.

  • Bought a pair OP, goddamit…

  • Bought one pair triple white thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, bought 4!

  • Does anyone elses' big toes poke a hole in the mesh?

    • Where abouts? On the top or at the end?

      No for me.

      • the end of the shoe on the inside where the big toe points.

        mine has holes on both sides that I sew up. I saw another guy with holes there as well. But that just 2 person so its not overwhelming statistics

        • +2

          Trim your toenails or get a bigger size 🤣

  • Thanks OP for the recommendation with which I purchased double.

  • Thank you Opening Poster, I have procured 2 of them bitches

  • click and collect never seems to be available

  • Thanks op, been waiting for this for a while. My first nmd.

  • +3

    Shopback just increased to 15%. Just bought another 2 pairs. Will try cancel earlier order in the morning, otherwise will return for refund.

    • Dam just noticed stock disappeared from the site :(

  • Are nmd sizing similar to Ultraboost?

    • I am size 9.5 for UB, i went with size 10.

    • I find NMD's are slightly bigger than UB's.

      e.g. I'm usually US10.5 for UB. I get US10 for NMDs.

      • I tried on NMD size 9 in JD and they ran quite small for me, 10 was much more comfortable. This maybe just me as I can see in google generally these run larger than UB.

      • Had this very problem. I'm a 10.5 in ultraboost. But there was only US 10 or US 11. Went with the 10. Hope it's ok.

  • Bought both the listed colourways.

    $79 each and free express delivery is truly a bargain! 😊

  • +1
    • Thanks, bought. Hopefully they are decent :)

  • Invalid suburb/postcode error!

  • +1

    Holy shit, the pop ups on the site!

    • Never noticed. Then again I'm using chromium browser.

  • The bulky rubber part on the sides is a bit uncomfy.

  • Are these considered running or casual shoes? Or both??

    • +1

      casual, I use UB for running

    • +1

      Casual, if you run in these you’re gunna be in a lot of pain. Even walking long distances in these isn’t great

      • ok cool I might go check them out instore if there are any left, cheers

    • +1

      Don't run in these.
      Adidas make the ultraboosts and solarglides for running

  • Seems like lots of fake comments claiming bought 2, trying to prompt people to buy these.

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought 1 pair. Luckily size 13 were in stock. Not many sizes left at all.

  • Hey OP thanks so much. Bought two yesterday and used Shopback, got $21 back and it tracked pretty quickly.

  • Super quick delivery! 2 pairs delivered this morning at 9am

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