Is This a Good Price for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 i7? $1999 from JB Hi-Fi

Since the launch of Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, I have been following the price for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, especially the i7 model, hoping the price will drop as the new models launch.

JB-Hifi is currently selling the i7 model (16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) at $1999.

Just want to ask you all if you think I should go for it before they sell out? Or there are better alternatives out there?

Should also mention that I can put this expenditure on salary sacrifice, potentially can get back 30 - 40%, so the net cost might just be around $1200 - $1400 for me.

My need:

  • Able to perform multitask/multiple windows smoothly (mainly Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Zoom, Firefox AND Google Chrome at the same time)
  • Light weight laptop so that it's easy to carry around
  • Mainly for work, not for gaming
  • Can't use Macbook at all, due to the configuration of my workplace share-drive


  • $1200 to $1400 is good price but I would go for MBP though its personal preferences

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    Don't get the black version - it's a finger print magnet.

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      Can confirm. Looks fantastic until you get your grubby hands on it.

      Source: own Matte Black SL3 15" AMD 16GB/512GB and don't buy this on 'Clearance' for $2699; buy the equivalent specced SL4 for the same price.

      • Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. Now I'm a little torn: I hate finger print mark on my device, but JB-Hifi only has sandstone colour on their website and no more platinum version :( I don't like the sandstone colour (first world problem, I know)

  • due to the configuration of my workplace share-drive

    is it a samba share?

    • I'm not sure. My workplace setup is more Windows friendly.

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    I have this model. It will handle everything you mentioned, but Zoom-ing at the same time will cause the fans to max out as the GPU is integrated, not dedicated. Not sure if this is also the case with AMD model.
    It's an ultrabook so fairly light to carry around, even the metallic keyboard models.
    The black colour is only a fingerprint magnet if you have sweaty or greasy hands, I haven't had issues with smudges or smears. The touchscreen is prone to fingerprints, more than phones and tablets screens in my experience.

    For the premium price tag, I'd have to say this doesn't deliver the value of say an M1 MacBook or Dell XPS 13. But I did get this on sale @ $2,119 (20% off $2,649) and also through salary sacrifice so the savings justify it a little.

    So if you're not concerned with a hot and loud operating laptop, then it'll work for you. If touch screen isn't a requirement, I'd suggest to look at the Dell XPS13.

    • Thanks for your review.

    • hey does your charger make buzzing sounds when you unplug it from your laptop?

  • I am considering the laptop 4 at the moment. You get much better battery life with the new one.

    13.5" model with i7, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd is $2474 if you have access to student pricing.

    And dont forget 1.5% Cashrewards.