J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study Data 2003-21

Hi all

I'm interested in the reliability of cars and I suspect a few other car nerds / enthusiasts are too. There is no perfect measure but one tool I've come across is the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study. Information about their study is here:

I am a bit of an Excel fan and when I was playing around with the J.D. Power data I was frustrated that the information was firstly, all posted as images, and secondly, not available in one page over time, so it was difficult to compare. I spent a bit of time manually entering the data into a spreadsheet. I found it interesting to compare my expectations against the study data. For example, I was interested to see how some Euro and US brands perform much better in the study than I expected. It's also great to see Kia's rise from performing the absolute worst in 2003 to among the best in 2021.

Just to clarify, I have no affiliation with J.D. Power whatsoever.

Here is the spreadsheet:


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    JD you’ve done it again!
    Oh wait…

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    jv you've done it again!

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    Sorry, after reading through, what was your question or announcement?

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      If the data is helpful to you it's now easily accessible

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    This is like Aldi gold medal wine awards on $5 wine.


    Look into "JD Power" a little bit more, and you'll discover it's all BS.


      I feel like we read different articles. Where does it say that it's BS?


    Ah, data, statistics, interpretation and spin.
    What is interesting about the data is the totals have halved over the past 20 years, indicating that either cars are better now than they were 20 years ago, or the sample size is less (although I did read something about '80000 surveyed').

    As a result of this, it shows every manufacturer is 'better' now than they used to be. This may well be true.

    However, I present this picture to you, where conditional formatting is applied against each column, per year. This view shows the manufacturer relative to other manufacturers for that year, rather than against all manufacturers over 20 years.

    This view agrees that Kia has got much better over 20 years.
    However, it differs for Land Rover (for example), showing that LR has been consistently shit against other manufacturers, always, and has not 'improved' as your colour chart shows.

    Not saying that either of us is right or wrong, as I mentioned at the start it is always how your spin your data :)

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      As pointed out below, the data is absolutely useless anyway as its for a different country, who source their vehicles from different factories

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      @battler Yeah I made that version too. Great minds think alike. Didn't think there'd be enough interest to warrant posting both versions.

      @SpackBace Absolutely there would be differences from the same manufacturer between factories. According to ConsumerReports, the most reliable Lexus is GX (Japan) vs least reliable ES (USA). To say that all data would be completely different and render the data completely irrelevant is a stretch IMO. I'd wager that a US-built Lexus would still be a more reliable vehicle than a UK-built Land Rover.


        To say that all data would be completely different and render the data completely irrelevant is a stretch IMO. I'd wager that a US-built Lexus would still be a more reliable vehicle than a UK-built Land Rover.

        Your opinion doesn't equal data.

        Absolutely, different factories with different worth ethics produce different vehicles. As do different dealership cultures, etc etc.


    American market doesn't apply here only for American cars. In the US, most manufactures are required to have assembly plants there, so Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda etc….Also models are different too.

    I know for a fact US built Subaru is crap compared to a Japanese Subaru that we get here, same with Toyota, Kia etc. Lot of misnomers about head gaskets for Subaru, owned them for 20 years, several cars, never a problem. US Subaru have rattles which Japanese ones here dont.

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    Chevrolet Equinox? the GM crap?

    Many of the cars listed won't last long on the crappy aussie road.


      This what I was thinking… Do they get different re-badged Daewoos to what we get here??

      Also, it's misleading, because some of those winners did really poorly… it's just that everyone else in that segment did even worse :D So some awards were more like "best of a really shit bunch…"


      The US is a huge place. Like Australia, there are some places with excellent roads and others with sh!t roads.


    LOL @ Land Rover…