Mazda CX-9 2020 Changing Globes Adding Tow Bar & Tinting - Voids Warranty?

Hi All,

Just wondering if someone has any idea about this.

If I change all the interior light bulbs, ie reading lights, door lights, which are currently (halogen) to after market (LED) bulbs, would this void my manufacture 5 year warranty. The Mazda consultant said it will breach the internal electronics portion of the warranty… I find that hard to believe, not sure if it’s a sales tactic.

Same goes with after market tinted windows and also adding a tow bar.

Any insight in this would be greatly appreciated.



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    Did you call Mazda and ask them?

    • Yep. They say any third party bulbs not installed by the Mazda service centre will breach warranty… I found that very hard to believe. Cost to change a reading bulb is like $30 LOL…. what a joke.

      • this is bullshit. The owner manual has instruction for the owner to change the blub. If they don't expect the owner to do that themselves then they won't put it in the owner manual.

        The computer is not smart enough to detect the type of blub you have. Just change the blubs yourself and save the old blubs. If something broke just change the blubs back.

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        • If OP asked if it was okay to change the lights to LED then Mazda would be correct in saying that it would not be covered by warranty as they are a different spec bulb.

          Mazda is in breach of some part of the law if they actually said that you need to use a Mazda service centre to do any work on the car otherwise you will breach the warranty as you are allowed to use any qualified car mechanic to work on the car.

          • @AndyC1: Many cars have an "blown blub" alert (I like this new spelling) that relies on a current drop across the circuit. Because leds use so much less current, they might trigger this.

            No reason not to use cheap replacement halogen bulbs tho.

            • @mskeggs: Not for the interior lights I wouldn't think they would?

        • Just change the blubs yourself and save the old blubs.

          When they tell you your warranty is void, throw old blubs at them!

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    What warranty would window tinting possibly void?

    Just change them out and if you have issues, change back before taking it in.

  • Bulb is a possible concern. Avoid dodgy LED bulbs on eBay. Got for Osram or Philips for LED upgrade. Quite rare, but not impossible that cheap LEDs will heat up after extensive period of usage, causing fire hazard. Once blown a fuse too…

    Window tinting? Yea, no. No concern on wty unless the installer has done a real shonky job and stuffed up something whilst installing. Same goes to tow bar…

    At the end of the day, manufacturers are conservative to cover their back side.

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    Generally, if the mod you do then kills something, then you can't claim a warranty repair.

    If you tint the car, and the engine dies 6 months later, they can't say the 2 are connected

    Side note, tow bar is something I'd go genuine on. Why spend $40k+ to scrimp a few hundred on something that's attached to the car and pulling extra weight

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      Because it's just welded steel and bolts so not that hard to get as good as genuine for less than half the dealer price.

      • Eh, one has been stress tested, the other hasn't.

        Seen the difference between different brands of bull bars when they're off the car? Just welded steel and bolts tho…

        • Eh, one has been stress tested, the other hasn't.

          I mean, if you buy something off ebay, sure. But anything half reputable would have been tested appropriately.

          That being said, i'd also go genuine for something potential high risk like a tow bar.

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      Trust me, they will find a way to link the tinting to the engine failure…..

      Example - "the tinting film is too thick and out of mazda's specification causing overloading on the window motor, which subsequently upset the ECU and affected the electronic fuel injection, and caused substantial damage to the engine"

      • Trust me, they will find a way to link the tinting to the engine failure…..

        Having worked for 3 different car manufacturers…

        No, they wont

        • 100% agree spackbace… Warranty can be annoying to claim on but manufacturers would never try and pull something like that

        • Seriously? I thought my comment was obvious enough that it was a joke….

          I guess people just believe whatever they read online these days….

      • My kia carnival window is playing up. Service guy offered to replace window motor under warranty.
        Hope they don't see your comment.
        I have not tinted windows from dealer…..

  • Tinting - I can't see any issues with that.

    Tow bar - I'd recommend going genuine with something like that which has to bear a load. But also shouldnt cause a warranty issue.

    Lights - If you have any electrical issues and need to claim warranty…. they could claim it's void due to this. If they really wanted to. I'd be hesitant to do this one.
    That being said, as long as you get a reputable brand, and make sure to keep the original ones to swap during services/repairs. But it sounds more trouble than it's worth.

  • I'm curious. Why change the bulbs?

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      OK, I know the "How many Mazda Techs does it take" part…

      But I'm missing the end of the joke…

    • LED's are brighter, give a nice white light, use less battery & don't heat up like the incandescents do.

      I've always swapped the globes on our cars to LED., including our CX9! Thankfully most new cars sold today have finally switched to all LED lighting.

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    Op must drive around with interior lights on lol

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      Disco fever for the Uber passengers.

  • If you change from the standard incandescent 3W/5W/10W globes and the heat or stress on the housing connectors increases then whatever fails (housing, wiring, lense cover) won't be covered under warranty.

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    You can change the bulbs if you wish, they manual even shows you how to do it.
    The manual however also shows you what type of globe is approved and correct for your vehicle .
    if you put in a globe that is not listed in manual and you have an electrical fault related to the lighting system or similar issue then the manufacturer is within their rights to refuse to repair it.

    If the manufacturer thought LED globes were a good idea, they would A) have set car up for it and B) probably offered it as an optional extra when selling you the car.

    Tinted windows does not void warranty…. if dealer fits the Tint they have to include that tint in the vehicles warranty

    Tow Bar: Go genuine or via a very reputable company like ARB etc (and by reputable i am not talking about "The One Stop Shop Australia" … or TOSSA)

  • I replaced all the interior OEM globes as well as my number plate globes with LEDS and have done on all my cars for years and never had any issues with the stealerships when getting warranty work done.

    LEDS are brighter and draw a lot less power than the equivalent standard globes as well as lasting longer and running cooler.

    The tow bars were always genuine and fitted by the stealership at time of purchase as it requires a new wiring harness and control unit with vehicle connectors and relays to be included.

  • Next post "Replaced all the lights in the car with LED and now I am getting CAN fault displayed on the dash all the time. How do I clear it?"

    Just change the globes and tint your windows. The tow bar you may want to get Mazda's recommendation on that one.

  • Window tint - no warranty implications.

    Non-genuine towbar and wiring: Mazda can't warrant any damage or issues caused by the towbar or wiring that may cause issues.

    Internal light replacement: Mazda can't make you have work done exclusively at a Mazda Service Centre to retain warranty but the work does have to be done by a person suitably trained and qualified for the work.

    If you are replacing bulbs with like-for-like specification then you are fine.

    In your case you want to fit bulbs of a different technology that Mazda haven't tested, therefore you need to take responsibility for your modifications. NB: They can't void warranty on an unassociated item like brake calipers or the ignition system, only on the system associated with the modifcation.

  • Hope you got genuine Mazda floor mats or the interior warranty will be void :)

  • I wouldn't buy one, had 2 x CX7's, mate just traded in a 8 year old CX9 got $20k lol, nuts.

    • The previous model CX9 / CX7 were lemons due constant issues with brake boosters, drive shafts and transmissions. They also had very poor fuel economy (V6 engine)

      The new model CX9 that came out in 2016 doesn't suffer from these issues & has a new 4 cylinder turbo that is very economical.

      • I had the original CX7 for 2 years then traded it on another, i kept it for 5 years, wheel bearing was it on the second one in warranty.
        The first one had aircon compressor go, and oil leak in warranty.
        On my second Jeep Cherokee Limited now for 2 years lol, flame away haha. First one i had for 5 years no probs except a new gear knob in warranty, pranged it though and did $15k damage.
        This one i have had a body computer module go few months ago fixed under warranty. There was a hood open signal coming on occasionally on the dash. Love it though beautiful to drive and has all the tech, good on fuel too for a V6 and plenty of grunt, i drive 2300 k's over 4 days for work sometimes.
        I swap every 5 years anyway.

        • This one i have had a body computer module go few months ago fixed under warranty. There was a hood open signal coming on occasionally on the dash.

          Quality engineering…

    • mate just traded in a 8 year old CX9 got $20k lol, nuts.

      Seems like a good deal…

      Kluger is much the same sort of price

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    Generally speaking If Mazda said it will void there warranty than it will void your warranty. If you’re concerned that the particular employee you were speaking with was telling you bull just to sell you on something than call again and speak with someone different perhaps a different service centre all together or raise a query with their Australian head office etc? If they’ve repeated told you it will void your warranty than believe them. As for legality behind that well that’s an entirely different matter I’m sure there a whole heap of rules dictating what a manufacturer can and can’t deny warranty on but you’d be better off speaking to someone in the legal professional or representative of the relevant government body to know for sure because what you will get here is a lot varying anecdotal evidence.

    Bottom line regardless of the actual rules if they warned you it will void warranty and you do it anyway than try to claim warranty and they refuse it going to be a massive shit fight that in my opinion could cost more than a couple 100 in your time and effort alone to sort out if at all.