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[VIC, PS4] Borderlands 3 $4.75 @ Target Highpoint (Free PS5 upgrade)


Borderlands 3 PS4 at a decent price of $4.75 instore at Target Highpoint. Unsure if state/nationwide. Target website is currently displaying a price of $19.

You can use this PS4 copy to get the free PS5 upgrade download (still requires PS4 disc copy to launch)

They also had one or two copies of FIFA20 on Xbox One for $1.25 or $1.75, I can't remember. Not sure if anyone would be interested in that.

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  • +6 votes

    Wow, I feel like this game doesn't deserve such a low price.

  • +8 votes

    Personally, I still dont think this game is worth this much. Super disappointed in it.

    • +2 votes

      I’m not sure why people have this attitude. Yeha the story is lackluster but the gunplay is fantastic. I ended up getting the platinum trophy for it

      • +7 votes

        I dunno, i just struggled with it. Didnt enjoy any of the gameplay. I tried co-oping with a friend and was still bored out of my mind by it. Not sure why. Glad you enjoyed, i know some people have, but I dont think my experience is that uncommon.


          Borderlands series has always been overrated and it hasn't really gotten any better since the original.

      • -1 vote

        Totally agree. Loved this game. Hanging out for a second play through. Yeah the writing is not as good but that was always Secondary to the gameplay.

  • +12 votes

    The gameplay and mechanics are really solid, however the story lets this game down so much, the cringe voice acting and the 'trying too hard' to be funny thing just comes off so bad…

    • +1 vote

      They set the bar so high with Handsome Jack. I enjoyed the gameplay, but I also found the story really lackluster.


      I played this game almost all the way through to platinum on mute for exactly the reason of terrible voice acting / humour. Maybe I’m not the target demographic though (late 30’s).

  • +2 votes

    I remember buying this for $49 at JB

  • +2 votes

    Still $19 at Robina

  • +1 vote

    I wish the avengers was this price.


    Highly recommended, one of the better PS5 upgrades atm with trigger feedback. It's not the same level as BO: Cold War, but it's still a good effort for a PS4 re-release.


    I got this game for $5 or maybe $10 from eb in that buy 1 get 1 free deal. Brand new as well.
    Felt like I stole it.


    Is there an Amazon price match?