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Neewer NW-700 Studio Condenser Microphone Set $11.89 + Post ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Neewer Global AU via Amazon AU


Professional Studio Broadcasting & Recording Condenser Microphone Set Including: (1)NW-700 Condenser Microphone + (1)Metal Microphone Shock Mount + (1)Ball-type Anti-wind Foam Cap + (1)Microphone Audio Cable (Black)

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  • +2

    worth it for the shock mount itself!

    • Between that and the XLR cable I bought in

  • -1

    Can I plug this directly to a Mac or speaker and does it needs some sort of power box (additional buy) ?

    • +5

      Needs a phantom power box.

      • does this apply to any mic you plug into mac? more specifically, BlueYeti, Rode?

        • +5

          Not all mics but often on condensers.

          However, if you stick to USB mics to plug into your mac, you will be fine. USB mics are always powered by the USB.

          IE, blue yeti usb is fine, as is rode usb

    • I use a neewer nw-7000 on mac, its usb and works out the the box without any drivers.

  • +29

    $5 more for the NW-800 and comes with more extras too…

    • +4

      Now THIS is the real deal.

    • Got the one op posted, cancelled the order and got this instead

    • +3

      Thanks mate. The arm and pop filter should work nicely for a Blue Yeti Nano.

      Might give the included Neweer mic to my niece as a toy to pretend to sing along to Let It Go.

      • I just opened my Blue Yeti Nano box, it's a very, very well finished mic.

        I notice the studio thread mount at the mic's base.

        I haven't figured out how I would attach the Yeti Nano to the arm. The shock mount may be too small in diameters so how will you mount this mic to the Brewer 800 deal's arm?

        • I probably won't be using the shock mount, but instead screw it directly onto the arm. I believe there's a little thread adapter in the blue yeti nano.

          Since you only just opened up your Blue Yeti Nano (BYN), I'd recommend that you download the Blue Sherpa app, set mic gain, and play around with the Blue Voice presets to find the one you like.

          Are you planning to use your BYN for work/WFH? e.g. Teams or Zoom?

    • -2

      wonder if ebay has this, gotta keep the ebayplus train going

    • NOTE: It cannot work with Mac

    • Gone up in price now?

      • Yes. It was $16-$17.

    • Bought one. Thanks.
      I don’t need it. But I am a ozbargainer. I see a deal, I have to buy it.

  • +5

    I took this mic apart to see exactly what you get for your money.
    The capsule although it looks like a medium sized diaphragm capsule is actually a 50 pence
    10mm capsule inside a better mic case. The microphone cable, although it says low noise
    is the worse cable i HAVE EVER SEEN.. It is definitely not low noise, or is it professional.
    My advise is to avoid it like the plague, the Chinese seem to lack any morals in the way they describe items.

    you have been warned|!!!!!!!

    • The capsule although it looks like a medium sized diaphragm capsule is actually a 50 pence 10mm capsule inside a better mic case

      What were you expecting for $11 delivered?

      The microphone cable, although it says low noise is the worse cable i HAVE EVER SEEN.. It is definitely not low noise, or is it professional.

      Yes, it really is designed to be used with an audio interface with XLR input.

    • +13

      Looks fine for 16 bucks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4G24U5fTZ4
      Certainly not worth having a meltdown over.

  • +4

    Looks like it is similar to the Kmart one (apart from not being USB).

    • I think that is an electret mic not really a condenser, but seems okay

      • +1

        Well technically an electret mic is a type of condenser microphone so they're not wrong.

        • Correct… but still.

    • Plus the Kmart $35 (rebranded Neewer?) Shock mount could hold the much larger AKG mic, so perhaps it would also take the Blue Yeti Nano(?).

  • +1

    Decent value, although not professional quality. If it is for PC/Mac you can find the same thing with USB for around the same price. Don’t get in to this and look for phantom power and all that. Just get a USB version if it is for computer

    • You can get a full kit with the Phantom power for 20 dollars. That's the benefit of these kits, they are so low barrier of entry and no usb mics, except for their own, can come close to it.

      • You mean the mic, stand and phantom for $20….link please.

  • +4

    I got this microphone, stopped working after 1month.

  • feedback please

    • +2

      Spend a bit more money and buy a microphone that will last a lot longer.

    • +14

      Move the microphone towards the speaker

  • its obviously not a legit condensor (not that youd expect it to be) something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M84sgLRmF0 (infact i think this is a review of the kmart version of this which is similar hardware, but a USB version?)

  • Hey guys where do I go about getting the phantom power thingo? I've been looking to buy a cheap mic for a while now and I've heard this is the way to go rather than get a USB blue yeti like I was originally planning to. I don't mind extra cables and stuff I'll be using this at home only. Any recs for cords and things I will need besides whats in this kit? Thanks for any help.

      • Costs twice more for the power than the mic.

        I have a similar one, its quiet even with the phantom power.

  • best usb interface go with it? just for gaming mic

  • I run it through an audio interface and I've found if you use EQ it can sound okay, at least it's better than regular headphone mics and built in laptop mics. The quality is not great but can't complain considering the price. The cable is crap, don't try to run it directly through a 3.5mm port.

  • -1

    There's cheap ****, then there's Neewer.

    Absolute garbage tier.

  • For those that say this is mic isnt worth the price, what is something that is better for $50 (Considering cost of Mic + phantom power) which comes with at least an arm?

  • +1

    Ozbargain houses" full of "bargains"

  • Great to see lots of indivduals trolling Amazon slave warehouses for junk!

  • I cannot find an arm & shock mount for this price, even if it is a garbage mic. Unless someone can?

  • Neewer is often very good at sourcing and rebranding non-electronic accessories for good prices, I have quite a few bits in my photo/video kit.
    Their electronics are very hit and miss, often miss so if you are considering anything from them make sure you check recent reviews and be doubly sure you a looking at the same hardware "revision" that is in the review.

  • +1

    Price on this item has now increased to 18.99

  • Damn missed it

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