Donate Brand New Disposable Face Mask

Hi All

Where can I donate my over supplied brand new disposable face masks?


  • Would be nice to know. Our office has about 30 boxes of 250 per box…..

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    Might need them for the next outbreak

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      Oh, don't say that! I'm enjoying wearing my new lipsticks.

      • You can wear your lipstick and your mask at the same time 😉

        • But, but who is going to see it…..??? 🥲

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    Charities were seeking donations of face masks last year so perhaps check with local branches to see whether they are still accepting same

  • I'll buy em

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    Ask hellopam. Her "boyfriend" probably just paid her for her stash. Maybe he can just buy yours too?

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      I came here looking for this comment and I found it! 🤣

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    Just keep them for now just in case.

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    My home country (Fiji) is currently going through a second wave with the Indian variant having found its way there.

    The minimum wage there is $2.38 an hour an a lot of people cannot afford to buy their own masks.

    I work with a charity there so happy to take your stash off your hand and send it there if you like?

  • medicin sans frontiers?

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    Wait and see until they open international travel. You might regret donating your masks now.