Issues Setting up Soundbar

Hi, I purchased a new Hisense 65" Series 8 TV and a Hisense HS312 (3.1 soundbar).

I connected the soundbar to the TV via HDMI1 (ARC). I selected ARC as the speaker output on the TV.

When I play Netflix/Prime video on the PS4 it sounds like only the rear surround and sub channel is playing. I don't hear any dialogue. Just background noise and bass.

Does anyone know what's happening? Any tips to get this working correctly?




    does playing sound, sound normal on other things besides the PS4? And is the PS4 connected into the soundbar or directly to the tv?


    Try the different audio output settings on the PS4 to see if it makes a difference. There should be a setting relating to Linear PCM, Bitstream, something like that.