Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2021

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What is the best budget smartphone under $300 in 2021?

Once again we'll discuss options and recommendations for smartphones in the budget category. Last year, the clear winner of the poll was the value-oriented Oppo A52, with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 taking second place.

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Poll Options Sat, 01/01/2022 - 00:00

  • 44
    Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro
  • 6
    Xiaomi POCO X3
  • 6
    realme c3
    Suggested by hex7272 on 18/05/2021 - 01:11
  • 4
    Samsung Galaxy A21s
  • 2
    Oppo A53s
  • 2
    Motorola Moto G30
  • 1
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G
  • 1
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10
  • 1
    realme 6
  • 1
    Samsung Galaxy A12


  • +1 vote

    Poco F3 is the cheapest phone to have s870 and a decent high refresh screen?

    • +2 votes

      Please vote for it in the $300~500 range poll.

      My vote goes for the Poco X3 Pro, current price is $299 from Banggood and that's including the GST.


        Wonder why Banggood does not list B28 on the global version from what I can read? It must have it surely.

        • +1 vote

          Network bands shown for phones are rarely accurate on most seller sites.
          Always go to the makers site for the real specs. With Xiaomi it is

          • +1 vote

            @xywolap: Good one. Never a sure thing with different models for various markets around the world.


        I would like to say that this is fantastic idea, scrimshaw. Thank you so much for establishing these pages. Well done!

  • +4 votes

    Poco X3 Pro is a beast.. flagship level performance.. battery is good too.. lasts about 2 days with 4 hrs screen on time each day.. maybe could get better if turned on power saving mode..
    Images from camera is good and video quality is pretty decent for a $300 phone. Screen quality and weight is the only thing I had found negative about this device.. don’t mind the plastic build..
    but I don’t think I could expect more from a $300 phone.. never had heating issues till now..
    stereo speakers, 3.5mm jack, dual sim, microSD support, huge battery, IR blaster.. all excellent features..
    took about two weeks to reach from Banggood.. even came with a AU adapter.. paid $266 delivered(launch day) for the base 128GB/6GB version including GST.. don’t think ever seen such good price value for a smartphone brand new..
    and about B28 and NFC, I can confirm this model comes with both of it. Banggood doesn’t list specs correctly. This is the global version.

  • +1 vote
    Suggested realme c3

    was on sale @ $75

    bargain. pretty fast.


      Although that was an awesome bargain ( I would have got one under $100 but missed out then ), was only available

      for short time at Amazon and now $149. Could get one on clearanc at Officeworks still for $89 now if your lucky enough to find any stock left.


    Hopefully someone can help me out. I am looking for a phone for my mum under $200. An android phone. Preferably one from Australia so we can have warranty. Also I want a brand new one too for my mum.

    Two choices I see are: Realme C3 and the Xiaomi Redmi note 9. However the note 9 doesn't have warranty I read?

    I missed out on the Nokia 5.4 and the Samsung A21s from the recent deals.

    So are there any other good phones under $200 that I should be looking at too?

    • +1 vote

      If you buy any product from an Australian retailer (one that has an ABN) they are required by law to give you 12mo warranty (this is called Statutory warranty) so the brand of the device is not relevant. A Xiaomi will be covered under warranty just as a realme would

      Of course, choosing a reputable seller is more important, it's a lot easier to claim warranty from a shop that has a brick and mortar store (e.g JB HiFi) than it is to claim from Kogan,

      You can find the realme c3 in locked Optus versions at Woolworths, believe they were clearing them out 2 weeks ago for $99 down from $149, but stock would be impossible to find.

      The unlocked versions are $149 on Amazon


        Thanks Scrimshaw.

        Will the warranty still apply the same if I purchase from Banggood?

        The Realme C3 is a good bang for buck phone it seems. $99 at Woolworths or $89 at Officeworks if you can find it in stock otherwise yeah the unlocked versions may have to do.

        The Xiaomi Redmi note 9 also is great value too.


          Just to update this post:

          I bought the Realme C3 from Officeworks for $89. It is the locked version from Optus.

          I rang the store in the morning and was told there was one left so they held it for me until the afternoon when we picked it up.

          An absolute steal at this price.

          The store was Officeworks Campbelltown NSW.

          Here is the receipt: