Front Page Listings and Emails

Hi guys,

Still coming across a couple of issues / bugs. I noticed before that sometimes a deal will have easily passed my front page requirements but still never appeared on my front page. But it wasnt expired etc (fit into the rules i had set). Then last night i noticed a deal that should have been emailled to me (again it fit the rules i had set for emailing deals), never got sent to me, I only came across the deal because a friend told me about it and sent me a link. all the through the night i kept checking and the deal never came to me via email, I never checked if it even appeared on my front page( didnt think to at the time since i had already been sent the link from my friend).

I know there were some changes made a while back on the site to newer style of deal listings etc but i changed back to the original / old style that ozbargain had before so i shouldnt have been affected and it should be business as usual



    I just noticed there was a deal that came up for which I have subscribed to event notifications for the store and have not received web alerts or emails for it.

    Maybe something is broken?


      Just my luck… got the notifications just then. Could be delays on it.