Sent Duplicate Item by Mistake Worth $160

I recently purchased a King bed sheet set online.

They sent me an additional by mistake, separate orders.

Now silly me made some enquiries because I thought they made the mistake with my other order, turns out this was not the case.

I said I would return the additional sheet set, they have provided the label but I'm in two minds because I was not offered anything

for my time to return the item to them, its worth ($160) Do you think I should of been compensated in some way for my time?

Now I like to do the right thing but I'm in two minds as to whether I should keep the addition King Bed Sheet.

What would you do?

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    Will return the additional sheet set tomorrow as planned.

    Thanks for the insights!

    • Good on you.

      But if it was Kogan I'd ask them to pick it up and then not be home the first few times they come around to collect. 😋

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    Tell them to come pick it up.

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    You are not entitled to the second item.

    You are legally required to allow them access to collect the item.

    You are legally not required to do anything other than allow them access to collect it.

    Keeping it and denying the owner access to retrieve it, is theft.

    You are not entitled to any compensation.

    • Agree to this.

      I think you can also give them option to send you the return shipping fee (or company credit if you still want to purchase something else from them) to return the item.

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        Think that's what they've done and what OP means by "they have provided the label". They literally want something for the effort of dropping it in the mail box.

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    The reward for doing the right thing is not being a acumbag.
    Also, they now know you've got it and you've told them you'd return it. Bit late to be asking the question now.

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      🤣 🤣

      • Will they have the balls to admit it was a spelling mistake?

        The sentiment is scrotally the same either way

        • Now OP can make a King size one with that extra bed sheet.

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    Surely you would just do the right thing and return it?

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    I said I would return the additional sheet set

    End of story .

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    We all know 90% of users would not have posted anything on this site…and kept the 2nd item.

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      My philosophy is to keep it when it's from a business, but return it if it's from a person.

      Corporations can't cry

      • Businesses are run by people mate

  • Every mofo wants compensation.

  • Didnt someone else ask this last week?

  • I'm in two minds as to whether I should keep steal the addition King Bed Sheet

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