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Cashback: The Iconic 20% (10am-2pm, $20 Cap), BoozeBud 30% (2pm-6pm, $30 Cap), Rebel 25% (6pm-10pm $25 Cap) @ ShopBack

Store Cashback Time (AEST) Cap Status
The Iconic 20% 10am - 2pm $20 Expired
BoozeBud 30% 2pm - 6pm $30 Expired
Rebel 25% 6pm - 10pm $25 Expired

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$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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    We have completed the investigation and we regret to inform you that your Cashback has been rejected by the network.

    Your cashback has been rejected for one of these reasons:
    1. Your order was cancelled, returned or exchanged, partially or fully.
    2. Your order did not fulfil the store's terms and conditions.
    3. Payment or stay was not completed.
    4. Clicking through to another page from a banner or ad on the store’s webpage whilst shopping.

    • Classic shopback!

    • I'm confused , do they cancel every purchase or is this a one time off 👀

    • I've done a lot more transactions with shopback than cashrewards as the deals are usually better. I have only had a couple issues with shopback mostly with using their extension which never tracks so I stopped using it.

      Ive had issues with cashrewards more often usually with their initial tracking which is then a pain to chase up. I don't use the cashrewards app as it caused my phone to slow down a ridiculous amount (this may be fixed now with updates).

      • Yep, I've rarely had issues with shopback. I use the App most of the time. Where as I had an issue with my last Cash Rewards transaction with Strawberrynet.

    • I’d say you’d receive the same message from Cashrewards too on the occasion it’s failed? Not sure this is really relevant except to tell people the possible causes of failure. Rough neg.

    • never happened to me or many others

  • Receive a free 6-pack of Brick Lane Draught beer (valued at $19.99) when you spend $75 on craft beer.

  • Few new beers added to Booze Bud since my last order - time to jump in again

  • Does this stack with boozebud first time user offer - 10pc off and free delivery?

  • I had my last boozebud shopback rejected as well. Exactly the same deal as above. It's starting to seem like a scam to get the sale and then never pay the cashback.

  • BoozeBud 30% Cashback (2pm -6pm) - $30 cap, $30 cap was not mention on shopback website. Assume this would stack with the 15
    % Whisky offer - 15% Off & Free Shipping (2+ Bottles)? Anyone knows? Thanks.

  • I wonder if the cashback is limited to $30 for all or just one order?

  • 2x
    4x Nomad Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale

    24 x Moon Dog Old Mate Can

    Bottle (1) Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

    6 x Brick Lane Brewing Co Draught

    2 x Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale

    TOTAL = $116 and delivered tomorrow night (plus the cashback if it tracks)
    Thanks op

  • Don't forget to use your AMEX card if you managed to get the 15% off boozebud deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/616743)

    • I got in on this and also got the shopsmall amex deal triggered also, shame I didn't get the 30% but it's still 20% atm

  • Used shopback mobile app to purchase from boozebud.
    Used new user discount and cashback tracked immediately for $30 and also 15% back from the amex offer.

  • Just now i contacted boozebud to pricematch liquorland for the JWB 1L. Instead of changing their website price they added one bottle to my cart and gave me the difference as a voucher. A voucher that only works for 1 bottle, and i bet if i end up buying it then i will be DQ from any cashback. Shifty company.