Decent Full Sized Mechanical Keyboard $100-150

Morning fellow Australians,

Looking for a decent mechanical keyboard, or even a hybrid for around $100-$150.

Looking to upgrade for a steel series apex 100, which is quite disgusting now as the keys are impossible to type / game on.

Was thinking of the steel series apex 3 but I’m not too familiar with keyboard so no idea what to get.

Primarily for gaming but sometimes I work on it, either wait I’d still go for a red switch type of board.

Thanks again!



    Logitech G613.


      I use one and the switches feel terrible. They try to be tactile but they aren't. The space bar rattle is terrible too. Get a GK61 and mod it to your heart's content.

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        Wow… I love the feel of mine. Not overly clicky or noisy and have never heard my space bar rattle.

        I bought another for the wife’s computer at home and ended up buying a third one for work which I never seem to get to use because everyone else likes typing on it rather than the rubbery cheap shit keyboards they have to use.

        I like that it is wireless and it doesn’t have those stupid RGB lights and rainbow colours flashing all over it. It isn’t modable, but all I want to do is some (very) casual gaming and type lots and lots of reports, so mods are not that important.

        That and it comes in at OP’s budget, unlike the majority of gaming keyboards that seem to be astronomical in price because “coloured lights”.


          Hmm, that's weird. Our experiences with it are so drastically different lol. The only two things I like about it is the battery life and the wireless capability, but the actual typing experience isn't up to scratch for me

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    I like Keychron keyboards, but they don't seem to offer many full-size models.


      Yeah, I had a play with a workmates Keychron, and I like it. But I too need a full size keyboard


      The K8 is the biggest one they have right?


      K1 and C2 if you can find one off their website are full-size.
      You can also just get a TKL + numpad separately


    I would go for Leopold keyboards.

    I have been using a TKL version for nearly 6 months now and have zero complaints. Very solidly built. My switch is the mx silent red. Feels great and not too much noise.


    Just bought the red one you have too! Thanks for the help :)